Rights for My Daughter

I will never forget last year when we had to my little girl to the ER. She was almost in a coma and none of us were prepared for what we were about to discover. My Luna has Type 1 diabetes.

She usually had a great deal of spunk, but that week she was just give out. We thought she was recovering from Disney World. And technically it was, the stress, the food, and the physical demand. But her body was having a hard time because of her pancreas.

My fiance has his own medical problem, but he wanted to learn more about Type 1 for her. And he signed us up for us up for the convention in Franklin, TN.

While other women were marching for rights. I was learning about the rights of my daughter. We were working hard on her life, since her rights to a healthy life were taken away. And before you say a healthy diet, type one has NOTHING to do with that.

Here are some things I learned about during this summit:

  • Exercise and Type 1: My Lune loves to run, but exercise can do some crazy things to her blood sugar. 
  • JDRF: The history behind the group that is an advocate for those with Type 1.
  • Diabetes Camp: Luna will be able to attend a summer camp that is just for kids with Type 1. Which is amazing!
  • Traveling with Type 1: This is huge for us to know how to handle things. We do a lot of traveling. So this was extra important for us.
  • Sensor Data: My child has to wear a device that constantly has a needle in her checking her blood sugar levels.
  • Emotions: There are lots of emotions with Type 1 and we have to be aware of how to help Luna express them and how to express our own emotions.
  • Pregnancy: She's a little girl so this is way on down the line, but it was good to know her options for in the future. Which I'm sure as technology progresses we will have more options, hopefully.
  • Advocacy: Government funding for Type 1 isn't renewed every year. Sometimes the government takes a year off from researching how to make people better or even a cure.
  • Emergencies: How to handle emergencies was a great session for us! 
  • Bolus-Worthy: How to handle her insulin pump. Her insulin pump takes what she is eating and gives her insulin to keep her body running smoothly. We learned some tips for that.
Luna had a great time talking to kids with Type 1 like her that she didn't know. We were privilege to meet a person with an artificial pancreas. So we had a great time learning.

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