Phrases I Remember From College

Words can haunt us. Most of the time the words that haunt are linked with bad memories. But there are the phrases and advice that make us think. There are phrases that we listen to and realize that it was great information.

While most people dwell on being a well rounded person and making sure you pick all the right answers, remember you are human. 
Some of the best phrases I remember from college have to do with money. Yep, money. Writing a letter to my college self telling them what advice was the best from different people about different things. 

Dear College Self,

People may have thought we were crazy but that is completely okay. People think blondes usually are. But not buying textbooks that semester and sharing with others was a great idea! It helped us go to Disney World with a bunch a friends for spring break. Otherwise, no Disney trip that semester and everyone figured the parents bought your tickets and resort hotel for you.

I don't agree that's right decision for everyone, but it worked out in my favor. I can still remember my cousin's words echoing to me, "I don't know how you think you are going to able to afford textbooks and your part of the Disney trip unless you get a job or don't buy textbooks." Freshman stupidity for the win!

"No matter what move! Find something that motivates you to move." Hello beer mile! Ah! The beginning of the running career we now call long distance running. My uncle heard my mom screaming at me that all I ever did was boring stuff that was stationary. He planted the idea in our brain and thus we started. We began with power walking a mile, then jogging a mile, and finally running a mile. Then came the beer. Do I go to the movies on Friday night or do I test my alcohol limits? Alcohol it was!

Best time was running that beer mile on a Saturday! Beginning with four yeast rolls and 7 beers later during a mile that took 10 minutes to run without throwing up. It's a personal achievement. No movie will ever compare to that!

But the one that comes back to the most and isn't that unusual was that of my dad telling me "to save from whatever kind of income I had." This is so true. Having the freedoms or a slush fund in case of an emergency was spectacular.

"You are just wasting gas going to see that boy! He is just playing you and you won't see him after college." My uncle's played in my head for a long time once I graduated from college. I used to make the 250 mile drive to Nashville from Tuscaloosa to see at the time my secret boyfriend because we told everyone we were just friends. We have so many memories;  carousels, music, The Golden Girls, and baseball. But when college was over I did hear less of him until the point I rarely heard anything.

So was it a waste of money? Heck no! His my best friend to this day!

So self we might not have been a lost cause because we have been pretty good since college. I think we have more things to achieve by taking the advice of others!


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