My Top 6 Products for the First Half of the Year

Where did the favorites go? Yeah I slacked off blogging my favorites. I've slacked on blogging in general but that for tea time soon. So instead of boring everyone with a lengthy list of products why not do a top six products that have helped me through the first six month of this year.

These are the products that have really changed my year around for the better.

I've broke the list down even further by month. Trust me, these would have been my big top favorite of each month!

January - Erin Condren Life Planner

You've heard me rave about Erin Condren's Life Planner many times in the past. Well, I'm about to again. But this time it's for a different reason. I have used it as a faith journal this year. I use the vertical option and I use the colorful option. I use the top box for to write down key verses, and sometimes writing them in my own words. I use the middle box for my takeaway on my devotion for the day. And the last box, the bottom one, I use for prayers for that day specifically. The side bar is for continuing prayer requests.

February - Tieks

While on Pinterest I'm sure you have seen the shoe advertised, if not that might just be me. But I bought a pair of the raved about expensive shoe. And I am never buying another kind of ballet shoe! Oh these are amazing. I can even wear them at Disney World. They are that comfortable. It's my favorite shoe to wear these days.

March - Munchkins

Being a person that that completely goes crazy over planner stickers, I was never fond of "icon" type stickers until I was introduced to these. It was completely life changing! I have so many of these stickers now. And now that I have looked through them again I have $50 worth again.

April - Pacifica Cactus Water Micellar Tonic

I love Target's up and up makeup remover wipes, and I swore that was all I needed to take off my makeup. This tonic water changed the game! It doesn't burn if it hits your eyes! Well let me back up. I pour a tiny bit of this onto my makeup remover wipe, rub the wipe together good, and wipe over my face. It's amazing how much more it cleans up my skin. It leaves no residue and my face feels so soft and refreshed afterwards. I am planning to repurchase again and again.

May - 3M Command Strips

Whoever came up with these sticky things for hooks and now strips is a pure genius! They really do work. Collegues at work joke that my office run on hard work, sticky notes, laughter and command strips. Which is pretty much true. I recommend these for a lot of home decorating or office decorating.

June - Apple Watch Dock

I love my Apple watch. I hate the charging cord it comes with. It is very easy to slip off of the watch even if it is magnetic. I was finding myself wearing a dead watch than a working watch. Everyone would want to see the cool features, but I couldn't because it was dead and was only showing what time it was. But this dock has changed the game for me. Now my watch has a home that it sits on every single night. No more dead watch!

Don't worry with luck the monthly favorites will be returning at the end of this month!

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