Vin's and Mine 6 Favorite Tuscaloosa Date Ideas

Around here people think there isn't much to do in Tuscaloosa. They think because we don't have amusement parks or anything like but I do feel like we have some of the most romantic spots. But what if there was something different beside just going to a restaurant?

The only thing people around here are all excited because a date night means going out to eat to them. And sure that's fun, but what about something outside the normal?
When we started dating back in 2013 I wasn't sure how Vin would respond to dating in Tuscaloosa. Our past was full of Nashville. And while yes there are so many new restaurants in Tuscaloosa; that gets boring, Dinner and movie is so overdone, it's ridiculous.

Downtown Northport - This was something I wanted so badly to come home to when I lived in Huntsville. This tiny little area that you can feel is old. It has the tiny town feeling to it. I love the sports bar that is there. They actually add to the atmosphere by adding string lights over their outside eating area. But there are so many little shops and a bakery, Mary's Bakery, that serves delicious cupcakes and cookies!

Black Warrior River - Oh how I love this body of water. There is so much to do around it too. There is something about this body that is so romantic. Maybe it's the simplicity that you can have a picnic beside it, pick produce beside it, eat at restaurants besides, and my favorite the running trails beside are beyond perfect. There is a lot more mentioned in this article from Visit Tuscaloosa; paddleboard, the Bama Belle, canoe trips, fish at a spot, and of course just float along with your love one.

Steel City Pops & Downtown Tuscaloosa - Ahhh there is nothing quite like getting a popsicle like a child and strolling along side of the streets of Downtown Tuscaloosa. Window shopping, cooking food aromas wafting through the air, and several shops to enjoy. It's really wonderful to stroll the sidewalks. Possibly even pop into the theater to see what is playing, or visiting the museum. Or stroll along while there is a band playing down the hill at the amphitheater.

Snow Hinton Park - Vin loves this spot. It's so easy to either get something to eat and have a picnic in the grass. Or one of our other favorites is going to TCBY and getting a cup or cone of frozen yogurt and walking around the park. Now, we do the cute little things, but we love races each other to the top of the 38 foot tall slide, because the ladder to the top? It's a rope pyramid. We have laughed ourselves silly trying to get up there.

Lake Lurleen - It's debatable if this is in the city of Tuscaloosa or not. It's close enough for me. I love this park. For one there is barely any cell service for anyone in this park. So if you want to get away from everyone and everything? This is the place to come. There is so much to do. There is a beach, biking trails, camping, and boating. Vin and I have really just been here for the beach and events but we always love our time here.

Farmer's Markets - Northport and Tuscaloosa; Truth be told I actually prefer the Northport one over the Tuscaloosa one for a date. Both are amazing for different things. But the Northport one is still very down home and traditional which is what I love. Plus, shopping together at these help you get to know the people in the community. I've spontaneously danced with Vin while we were shopping at one of these which made the older couples laugh and join in with us.

Honorable Mentions:

Dreamland BBQ - I do not think I will ever forget the first time Vin surprise me with lunch here during the blistering hot summer. This girl was suffering major football withdrawals. And I swear when I went in the smoke filtrated my lungs, it was cold, and the bbq smell hit me. And to make perfect? They were showing old football games. I think a part of me actually died right there in the door way. I love the original and the Northport location. Either is perfect. Perfectly southern for this girl.

Annette Shelby Park - Oh this is a recent discovery of mine and Vin's! That is the only reason it didn't make it into the top 6 originals! This park is fabulous! We spent Friday's at lunch time enjoying bringing food or enjoying the food trucks. That's right this is where the food trucks in Tuscaloosa get together. We love having snow cones while watching the children play in the fountain. Sometimes he brings one of our children to play in the fountain. It's a secret gem that we share.

The Strip - I left this one for last and honorable mention because I believe this to be a bit beneath us now. I still love many of the restaurants and absolutely adore the stores on the strip. But nightlife has left me. If I want a concoction of alcohol I no longer feel the need or see the need of going into a dim bar with a bunch of younger people getting their first tastes of life. If I go to the Strip it's during the day. I also stroll along during football season because the atmosphere cannot be beat. I love the scenery and the atmosphere during the day for a lunch date, but a night date? I'll pass for something more romantic.

What's some of the dates you enjoy in your city or town?

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