Tea Time with Hunter: Q & A

Hello and welcome back to my blog! I appreciate your patience as I have went through some seasons of my life. They've been rather trying for me. And I'm going to be very real and raw in this post, because there is no other way to be for this post.

So pull up a seat and get you some tea (or something stronger.)
We've all made mistakes. Some mistakes cost us more than others. I seriously thought that I was making the right decision. But I wasn't happy, I was just excited for something new, I guess. But I am admitting that I've made the greatest mistake to in my life. I let Vinny go... But he came back with babies.

So am I with Vinny or with Frankie? What happened to my posts about Frankie?

Let me answer that last question. I deleted them. I actually unpublished them, because I have to let myself know that they happened. Because we all grew while things were upside down. Frankie grew up by ditching the girl that her talons so into her that you can't even say the simple word "Hi" to him without him freaking out. My cousin, Carolina, literally grew up and realized that she is brilliant at things and can be a wonderful head of a household. I grew up realizing that I do need someone and that I have to stop being stubborn about romance. And Vin? Well he found his reason to push for living, he has two sweet darling babies now.

Wait? What Vin has babies now? Not adopted?

Nope, not adopted. These darling are hybrid of Carolina, yes my cousin, and Vinny. Amazing what consoling each other can lead to these days. Vin and Carolina agreed that Vin and I will raise them but she will be in their lives. How could she not be? Hello, she's the nanny. But they were born premature in Nashville at 33 weeks. But they are already up to 5 pounds each. Considering one them weight one pound and 13 ounces at one time this is an amazing milestone for them!

What about our wedding? Are we getting married at Disney? 

We are still getting married at Disney. Yes. We have already discussed about our wedding.

Are we going to continue They Met at Disney? 

Eventually yes we will start posting again on They Met at Disney. Probably closer to our wedding and then of course our honeymoon, and eventually our own kids!

Why have I been absent? And what about Vin's Lupus?

I have actually been suffering from infection myself. It has caused very bad things within my head. It has warped my health. Vin's Lupus has actually started to get a tiny bit better. He still has days where he cannot move as well. But we are at a better spot.

What am I struggling with right now?

1. Finding a church. Seriously I need one of those introvert churches. Let me enjoy worshiping Christ, but not required to make small talk with someone or made to feel bad if I don't participate in small groups. 2. Hydration. Lately the infusion waters have helped this but I cannot kick my love for a large sweet tea every morning. But I am going to slowly get rid of my addiction. 3. Blogging. Getting back into the swing has been so hard. I do actually feel like blogging again though! Which is a complete turn around.

What does the future hold for me?

  • TheResetGirl's Camp Reset
  • Becoming a mom to two newborns and breastfeeding them.
  • Running
  • Football Season
  • Wedding

I hope this helps you with what has been going on with me.

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