Top 10 of My Facebook Groups

I always feel bored or anxious when in a group. I'm never able to relax or anything like that. But Facebook Groups are ingenious! I can talk to people all over the world in a relative safe place about a common subject! It's amazing!

I'm a member of over 50 groups on Facebook, but these are mostly my top 10. You'll see what I mean...

The first two are individuals who have a rather lifestyle blog, and have groups on Facebook for different parts of their blogs. The rest are wonderful facets of my life!

1. Paper & Glam

I love Lisemarie who runs these groups! She is very sweet, but so organized and goal oriented. I came across her videos on Youtube about Erin Condren Life Planner, but she is so much more than that. These groups prove that too. I love the Seasonal Living group the most probably, then God & Glam, the book club is perfect, and then the glam planning! They all rock though.

Cori who is the Reset Girl, decided to reset her life has been helping others reset theirs as well. These group look a little like the groups above but with a very different feel. I love her listers challenge which is more creative and fun than handwriting challenges. 

3. Disney EC Planning - Alright since I love me some Erin Condren and I love me some Disney! BAM! The two combined. Or is it because I have to make everything about Disney? Eh, maybe. Probably, yes. I have to have even my planner Disneyfied!

4. We Love EC - The mother of all planner groups. I am even wondering if this is not the group that started it all. The love for an Erin Condren in 2014 was real! It grew until it exploded in 2015 and the group was right there with it. There are so many people now in this group that it's crazy but there are still great ideas posted randomly throughout the group. Great tips and tricks. Still a semi fun group!

5. Saving For Disney With C2D (The SavEars) - Oh look another Disney group! This time it's a group about saving to go to Disney. Which is just epic. There is chatter where you can talk about anything. There is talks about how they save. Their wardrobes for Disney. First time people going to Disney and several other things that make this group great. Plus the person that runs the blog Couponing to Disney is Kristen Cooper. And she left Alabama for Florida. Don't blame her. Atleast we still get a tiny bit of fall and winter more than Florida!

6. The Wisteria Tea Room - This group is run by the author of the Wisteria Tea Room books. It doesn't give anything away about the books. Instead there is a true feeling of a tea room in this group. A virtual tea party is something I never thought I would do but I have now. I love hearing her talk about her books and what tea she is drinking. It's really an escape and the books? Well they are epic!

7. Live Like Libby-Love Like Libby Foundation - Being from Tuscaloosa which is near Gordo, where Libby was from, everyone knew about her. Just about everyone I knew was praying for her. She had cystic fibrosis. But man did she live life like she didn't have it! She was even able to get a new pair of lungs, but she passed away from an infection. Her legacy lives on. This group reminds me to do random act of kindness throughout the day, everyday!

8. Disney Days Homeschool Group - I homeschool my kids and we love trips to Disney World, let's mesh the two together! Wow this is the perfect group. Just let them know if you are going to be there with the group to learn about all sorts of different things. It's amazing what these kids learn at Disney World all the time!

9. Disney Friends & Super Hero SVGs - Just getting into my Silhoutte Cameo thanks to my fiance. He is also fixing to buy a heat press for us so we can make our own matching Disney tshirts. This group is great about helping others and files created are great for personal use! Do not expect to be able to download the files and then sell. It doesn't work that way.

10. Tone It Up Girls - During the crazy of the Beachbody I stayed true to my Tone It Up girls. This group is great for everyone from veterans of the program to newcomers. It's inspirational and great at cheering other girls on. Sometimes, you can even see people come to the group to get away from real people in their life that aren't that great at encouragement. That's why this group made my top 10!

Honorable Mentions:

Scriver Creek Official Fan Group - Scallop squad! All about Scriver Creak Traveler Notebooks. Drama free, encouraging, and focused group. Loyal fans only.

Serpents of Pottermore - Yes I'm Slytherin and proud of it! Slytherins helped Harry Potter on his way to greatness! A group for my slithering friends on Pottermore!

What groups are you a part of? What are some of your favorites? Do you have as many as I do?

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