Letter to Target from the Target Junkie

Dear Target,

I still remember my first trip to you. I was in the fourth grade and you had something called a Starbucks that everyone was excited to have in Tuscaloosa. You were very different from Walmart and K-Mart. You were bright and clean.

Years went by and you were my place to buy yoga pants. You had the kind I loved with bootcut bottoms and without bright bands on the top. I wish these would return into style, but that's not really your fault. You were the first place I discovered iTunes giftcards as well. Which while being a young teenager I requested every time a gift was suggested for me.

When it was time for me to go to college, and that's where our tight knit friendship started. You were there for me like no other store.  You were there for me with inexpensive items for college. I remember the deals you had that Black Friday where I purchased a microwave, a waffle iron, and an electric teapot. I was already for life in the dorm.

When I came upon my next obsession you were right there for me. Because going to cosmetology school first in college helped me realize that I love makeup as a hobby! And having to start cheap with Elf makeup brushes was a huge help for me. (For the record I still enjoy those makeup brushes!) You have most of my makeup needs for basics even to this day. Especially your up & up makeup remover wipes- please never rid yourself of those!

Those cards that I received in the mail telling me that another sorority sister was getting married... but she was registered at Target so it wasn't so bad and I could push away those single life blues! The fact that I can find exactly what my friends and family want by their registry makes me very happy. Plus I can shop for myself as well. Can't wait for it to be my turn.

So first comes marriage then comes my friends with a baby carriage. And Target you have been there for me on that too. But not just for my friends. When we got custody of the children, you have awesome deals. Great Target brand items for baby. You really the perfect store for everything!

The Container Store is nonexistent near me in Tuscaloosa so it's nice to have Target come to my rescue for organizing needs! All sorts of storage containers. Plus, there is a wide range and variety of cleaning supplies. You are willing to give new brands and chance that's great for those of us who like to try new things.

Holiday times are the best. Target, you, really keep up with the change in "fashions" of the seasons! It's great that the same things are not always on the shelf each for Christmas, Halloween or Easter. I love that you really know that I need that tinsel garland but change it up so that I am forced to realize I need a whole new set each year to my fiance dismay!

Redcard 5% back is the best thing since sliced bread. A debit card specifically for Target and I get discounts for using it?!?! I don't think I even let the cashier finish her whole "speech" before I said sign me up. And the best thing for this Disney freak? I can buy a $1000 worth of Disney gift cards and only have to pay $900 for it thanks to Target! Best thing ever! And for those of you who are like why the heck would she need that kind of money in gift cards? That's how I pay for tips and anything I charge to our room during the trip.

And last but not least, the dollar spot at Target. *Cue the Hallelujah chorus* Stocking stuffer, teacher needs, stationary needs, glowsticks, shoebox gifts, socks, etc. It can all be found in the dollar section at Target! The dollar section at Tuscaloosa really needs to be updated more, and don't tell me it can't be done because other Targets get it done. But I still love it just the same!

So Target these are the reasons I love you and I keep returning to you.

Can't wait to see what you have in store in the coming years,

Your biggest fan,


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