Tea Time With Hunter

Pull a chair and make you some tea. It's tea time with Hunter! Whether it's English breakfast, English Afternoon, chai, Irish, or Earl Grey enjoy some tea with me (for all my other Southern Gals enjoy some ice tea.) If you are a coffee gal that works too! This is just a time to sit back and relax

If you have never tried hot tea I strongly suggest Adagio, Tea Forte, Tea Pigs, Twinings or Teavana.

I am enjoying a cup (or two, or three) of Youthberry Wild Orange Blossom Tea Blend since it's springtime now. I have some meditation music going and I'm quite comfy. However, my mood isn't exactly a happy one.

Let's start off first about why when I promised I was back; I haven't fully been back. The majority reason is a situation that is so dear to me that I feel like I'm lost. It's with a really heavy heart that I tell you my Mewmaw has major health problems. Right now that's a tough subject because we have been jerked around by the hospital. Her liver has started shutting it's self down though.

I was calmly reading my memoir of Julie Andrews when dad came in and told me. It's been a process for my mind to wrap itself around the fact that the matriarch I have always known will be leaving us. More tears have been shed from me over this than the tears I have shed over the past few years combine.

This woman means a great deal to me. She was my inspiration as a small child to learn to cook, sew, dance, and sing. She paid for my first dance lessons. She bought my leotard and shoes. She was the first one to give me flowers after coming off the stage from a recital. So it's quite hard on my family right now.

With that being said please keep that in mind as you realize I will post some days behind or sometimes not at all. I will so also say that I am going to go deeper into making the blog better. For you and for me and the reason being is that this is a passion for me. A true passion that I adore more so than anything else.

The Girl From Alabama Facebook Page is still in the works. However, I am trying give it daily attention so that it works for my readers so that you can talk to me and find post for whatever you are looking for in regards to this blog.

Speaking of this blog, how is everyone liking the changes? I know we are still in this process and that's ok. We will work through it together. Thanks for all the support that everyone gives. The encouragement is great.

Currents will be changing again. Some new creative ideas are popping up here and there. More ways to connect are also showing on the blog as well. An About Me is coming very soon. I am working out the details and design for it. New things outside of the blog are on the horizon and I feel really excited about that. 

One of those things is our house! I went to look at the progress on our home in Tuscaloosa. It's freaking perfect. Long story short, my fiance decided that we would need more room at our house in Tuscaloosa than the one we did have in Huntsville. This house is so much more functional and fun. It has so much more personal touches than other one. I'm glad that I decided to move and not be miserable.

With more kids, we did need more room but now we have room to grow even! We have rooms for certain activities which is certainly a blessing. We are a moving family who likes to strength out and enjoy time together. Being that we have rooms for a lot of activities. This will have a tremendous affect on our homeschooling.

Homeschooling has really hit our house and we all love it. We love being able to enjoy time with each other and still learn and grow. We have routines that we all do. If I am out of the house, Vin or Carolina are there. It feels great to feel like we are all learning as a family.

One of things that I decided to do since I will be in Tuscaloosa for some time with my family I decided to learn some new tricks to add to my skills. Michael's was a great place to start for me. I am wanting to learn cake decorating and I start classes on April 1st which has me so excited! I love learning. Each course with Michael's for cake decorating has 4 sessions. It makes me happy to have this to look forward to each week.

So that's really what's going on with me for right now. We 

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