Top 5 Restaurants in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Being from Tuscaloosa is awesome! Even though I grew up in Eutaw, Alabama, Tuscaloosa was still home for me. It was going to the "big city" as a kid. Then I learned about Birmingham, and eventually Atlanta. I learned real quick Tuscaloosa wasn't that big. Though, that is changing because Tuscaloosa brings in some people all the time, but most of all during football season.

Now I love food, like really love food. I love to try new places. I get tired of the same old things all the time. Especially if I am work (I may can eat Chickfila all day everyday, but my lunch buddies can't.) So here are a few of my favorite places!

5) Sweet Home Food Bar- Downtown Tuscaloosa! This place has a lot of character and has great food.

4) Southern Ale House - This is the place I love to go to for something just a tad more fancy than usual.

3) Archibald's - A great place to get some BBQ! And I really recommend the baked beans.

2) Cypress Inn Restaurant - A very beautiful place on the Black Warrior River. It's gorgeous and has amazing food.

My absolute favorite is.... Dreamland BBQ. While they have several locations throughout Alabama. They started in Tuscaloosa. A little tiny place just above what is now Skyland Walmart. Ribs... Ain't nothin' like them no where!

Honorable Mention: Swen's and Mr. Bill's

Swen's has the most amazing lunch menu! You get a ton of food for $6.23! Two huge scoops of rice, soup, entree, and an eggroll! It's my favorite place to go when I'm craving Chinese.

Mr. Bill's is a little country eatery. It has all southern home cooked food. You can get a lot of different foods for cheap here as well. This is also another one of my favorite lunch spots. It's delicious.

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