Disney Addict Christmas Gifts

"And a very merry Christmas to you!" Nephew Fred - Donald Duck wishes his uncle who has found the Christmas spirit finally a wonderful Christmas. Disney Addicts are interesting people. People who have grown up don't understand our obsession with animated movies that little children watch. They don't understand our numerous Disney trips. But that's okay. If you have one of those people in your life this list is for you!

So what is the best way to approach what to buy? Where to shop? And what are some popular items? All this is answered in this post!

First of all, you have to know what kind of addict you are buying for...

  • Are they into the history of the Disney company?
  • Do they only like the princesses?
  • What is their favorite character or movie?
  • Do they go to Disney World a lot, or do they want to?
  • Are they up for not caring what people think and never growing up?
These are crucial to knowing what you are buying for certain Disney addicts. You may have person that really wants a mermaid tail blanket because she loves The Little Mermaid. But you may also have the fan that wants everything to do with Ariel from figurines, to posters, even to special personalized Mickey Ears that have an Ariel theme!

So where do you shop for Disney items?

And yes, I have made it easy for you to find Disney things on these websites by linking directly to Disney searches. Like I said before figuring out what character or movie is their favorite is crucial. Unless they are like me and like everything, even the history. Here are just a few suggestions

Ears - You can get ears straight from Disney or go on Etsy. There are so many different themes and styles to choose from that it can be overwhelming. But use the questions above to narrow down your search!

Shirts - Again same thing, Disney shirts can be found on so many outlets. Disney, Etsy, most all of the links above have options.

Ornaments - I am a huge lover of Christmas. And Disney Christmas ornaments are amazing! I am partial to the ones from Disney parks. They can be expensive, but they are so unique. You can find ornaments on Etsy and other online stores, but Disney really does a great job in the ornament department. Some of my ornaments I keep out year round just displaying them!

Books - I am an odd person on this one. This is actually items from my own wishlist. I am always up for reading more into the history of Disney. Here are a few on my list:

These have just been a few suggestions. If you are an Disney addict what are you wanting?

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