4 Things Not To Miss At Disney During the Holidays!

My absolute favorite time of year is all around us! Why not experience that Magic of Disney during the holidays?! I promise that you will not regret it! I do recommend making a holiday trip a short one so you do not miss out on the fun going on in your community! But the Christmas celebration at Disney World just can't be beat!

I know others have things that they think can't be missed at Disney during the holidays, but these are mine. These are the ones that give me goosebumps; the ones that I have very fond memories attached to them. We are all different in that respect.


I will never forget the first time I was at Disney World for the holidays and it started snowing on Main Street. It was the most magical thing in the world to me at that moment. Now, as a mom I remember each time my children have experienced it. The look on their faces when it's 65-70 degrees yet it's "snowing!" They twirl in it, and try to touch it! It's truly magical! I'll add a video below for a quick view of the snow.


If you are the Christmas party expect free cookies, apple juice, and hot cocoa. If you are visiting on a regular day there is plenty of treats to enjoy, but at a price. This year there is fancy holiday waffles with ice cream. Of course there are cupcakes, cookies, apples, and so much more the holiday season. Plus, numerous holiday cocktails arrive in the parks as well.

Toy Soldiers

A very iconic character at Disney parks during the holiday is the toy soldiers that march in the parade and are stationary throughout Magic Kingdom. It's always a hit to see these guys. There was an awesome commercial a couple of years ago about "training" to become a Disney Toy Soldier! It was adorable. I have to say that seeing them is a highlight for me any time of the year!


If there is one reason alone that makes me want to go to Disney parks November through the first few weeks of January; it is the fact that Disney has the music playing-- EVERYWHERE! The speakers that look like rocks have melodies that instantly put you in a good mood. They keep with the theming too! If you are at Animal Kingdom look forward to Angels We Have Heard on High in African language! It is amazing to me! To give you a sample of the music I am posting a video below of what I have been listening on Youtube:

Look for my Disney World Christmas Survey coming soon! So stay tuned! What are some of the things that you would look forward to experiencing at Disney during the holiday season?

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