October 2016 Favorites & Lookback

Happy November! I am actually kind of sad to see October go away. I always really enjoy October. This year was not any different. It was wonderful month for exploring new things and such. Of course some pivotal moments took place at Disney!

The beginning of the month started out as no other. It was homecoming for Alabama, and I was very excited because it was on my birthday. However, a special someone had other ideas for me. We literally flew to Disney World for a few hours. Upon our first few rides, he proposed. I'm newly engaged and not to Vinny. Yes, I am engaged to Frankie instead Vin, and Vin happily knows. We actually made it back to Tuscaloosa right before the game. It was an incredible day!

It was the best birthday I think I have had in a while. I learned how to make Fidget pie, just before Frankie's birthday. New things popped up at work, and I decided against doing Morning pages. I did however decided Miracle Morning was more of my thing. I went to the pumpkin patch across from work a lot. And we worked on the RV trips we have coming up soon.

We had a lot of fun working on a Halloween bucket list, from telling ghost stories, buying candy and making treat bags, roasting marshmallows, and I made a fate cake. I went to the doctor for a follow up check-up. She told me everything looked good and that I don't have to return until next year which is fantastic! At work we did go to new programming which was a huge headache, but possibly getting all the kinks out of it.

The last week of October started out with the work Halloween party which included bobbing for apples and a haunted house! I worked my butt off the next day so that I could have an ease of mind for our family reunion in Disney World. And it was absolutely amazing! We had the best time. It was a laid back trip except for Thursday which was the Halloween Party in the park, and I did not hit the bed until 1:20 A.M. But it still was the best time. We did go home to Alabama on Sunday. Monday, Halloween, we went to North Carolina.

In North Carolina we had our usual whole town gets together and creates this amazing environment of Halloween and fellowship. There was food, games, entertainment and booths. It was the most refreshing thing to do after spending a lot of time with my family. It was a great month! I cannot wait until next October!

Eye Makeup Product -

Thank Me Later Elizabeth Mott - I LOVE this brand. I have yet to find a product from them that I do not like. And it is all thanks to Ipsy for helping me discover this brand. This eye shadow primer is really amazing though. My eye shadow stay put ALL day long. It really is a favorite of mine.

Makeup Brush -

Sigma Tapered Blending E40 - I love little name brands from stores, but I always return to Sigma. They are easy to clean and easy to use and do not shed. You get what you pay for when it comes to makeup brushes.

Face Makeup Product -

Tarte Smooth Operator - I had a sample of this from Ipsy, and I had run out of face powder. I wasn't even sure how this would work. I have now bought the full size and love it. I highly recommend this product. It is very light weight and works amazingly for setting foundation.

Lip Product -

Buxom Full On Lip Polish Tiffany - I have begun to wear a red lip more and more. It is a habit I have picked up. But sometimes wearing lipstick can really dry out your lips. This does not and has a way of making your lips look fuller even.

Hair Care Product -

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Root Pump Spray Mousse - My hair dresser uses this on my roots every time I go to her. I love using it at Disney because otherwise my hair sticks to my head. It will be bouncy at the ends but seriously flat at the top. This really helps my roots perk up.

Skincare -

Knu Serum Eye Treatment - I have used this in the past, but I'm returning to it this year. It makes my under eye feel so much better. My eyes have been very tired lately (hoping that the time change will help with that.) This really helps my skin feel tighter around my eyes.

Shower/Bath Product -

Bath Salt - I purchased some bath salt at Basin while my family was in Disney World. The two bedroom villas (and one and three) always have a jet tub. I only packed bubble bath and that was it. So I wanted something a little more relaxing with salts and bath bombs. It was a luxurious bath. I won't forget it anytime soon.

Game -

Spot it! Halloween Card Game - This is actually Frankie's game. He has the original and the holiday versions. He loves playing it. Many times you'll see a ring in his pocket, but it's this game. We have a lot of fun playing it at restaurants, on the floor, or on the bed. We laugh and talk about random things while playing the different games of Spot It!

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

Living a Good Story - My best friend and I agree on a lot of things. We do a lot of the same things, however, we have different tastes. Even in our blogs you can tell that A Pop of Jess, watches Knorp and South, and I have discovered this family of RVers. They lived in a RV for a year after selling everything in their house and renting it out for a year. It's an awesome family!

Book/Story -

A Discovery of Witches - I wasn't sure what to expect from this book. I love witches, and reading about them, but a book that isn't an overkill series or a child's book had me intrigued. Reading this book was because of my online book club over at Paper and Glam's The Paper and Glam Book Club. And every last Thursday we discuss the book we read that month over at a Hangout on Google.

Song/Album -

Style by Taylor Swift - I am over a year late to this song. But I do like it a lot right now. It's just kind of how I feel. Like I'm pulled back and forth, but I keep holding onto the things that stay mostly the same, like my fashion and beauty sense.

Movie -

The Worst Witch - This has been a favorite from my childhood. I remember being very little (two or three) and watching this even when it wasn't October. It was my favorite movie of all time as a child. The reason I wanted to be a witch every single year. The reason I am still curious about witches. But to know that Frankie has loved it all of his life too? That meant the world to me this year!

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment -

Getting engaged! I know a lot of people don't understand. They think I jumped from one guy to the other. Sure an outsider's view of it, perhaps, it does. But no one but Frankie, myself, and Vinny know what it was like for all of us. Vinny pushed for Frankie to ask me to marry him. And he did it at Disney in the most amazing way ever. He went above and beyond just putting a knee down in front of the castle. More on this later.

Running/Fitness -

Deciding to do the craziness of running all the races again! This wasn't part of my plan for next year. However, Frankie, my fiance, asked me to do so and here I am. I am signing up for all the races I did this year, again! I'm really excited for the ones in Disney World. I just have to get more used to Disneyland!

Food -

Matador® Teriyaki Beef Jerky - I love the Krave jerky, but it's not readily accessible. However, this from Matador is amazing and sold almost everywhere! It is so tender. I was so shocked when I took my first bite of this jerky. It was impulse buy to buy between meals. It is so delicious!

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

CraftsByTK - For my friends and family this might seem like an odd favorite when I was so upset. Let me explain; I ordered a shirt from this seller with a monogram Minnie Head. The shirt was two toned because of the heat press. I was very discouraged when I did everything she said to do, and it stayed two toned and scorched from my iron. However, she and I have talked through over 20 messages and she was very understanding to me and was upset that the shirt did that. She is replacing the shirt and is investigating of why it did that. I would also like to mention that she was able to get me my shirt before our trip to Disney, I just could not wear it.

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