17 Before 2017 + 17 Words for 2017: My Bullet Journal Collection

There are only 20 something days until January 1, 2017! This year has been amazing, but there are a few things that I want to get done before the beginning of the year. Boho Berry inspired me to do this collection in my bullet journal. The collection is called 17 Before 2017. I, then, also decided to do 17 Words for 2017.

And while it is a little late for some people to do. I happen to work best with as little time left because then it pushes me to not procrastinate. So this set up was perfect for me. So yes, I have a few things marked off but that's actually really great for me.

17 Before 2017

1. Decide on a 2017 Devotion - I think I am close to choosing one, but I'm not sure. I am leaning toward using Savor again (which was this year's.) I really want something new, but I can't find anything in the same style format. *** I decided to do Savor again!

2. Daily Hydration Reminder - I was actually doing really well with this during the year. Alas, I have fallen off the wagon. Instead I was just telling the app that I had drank the water just to shut the app up. So I want something slightly better. ** Water Logged it is!

3. Overhaul My Blog - This was getting more things organized on my blog. And... Getting a new theme. A new theme, I am happy to say, is finished! I love it and I hope you love it.

4. Purge My Room - I accumulate a lot of stuff. Subscription boxes are a big cause of this. That and the dollar section at Target create piles in my office. Or is my terrible lack of self control to not buy all the things? Whatever it is. I did do this-- Or I am satisfied with what I have done, enough to cross this off my list!

5. Prioritize my Desk - My desk is total chaos. I have stickers, magazine clippings, extra notebooks, clothes that need to be mended, stamps, inks all over my desk in no order whatsoever. I have even blogged on my daybed in my office the last couple of times. I need to really get a hold of my desk purge some of it and make sense to all of the madness going on.

6. Blog Routine/Life Routine - This has been a to-do list reminder almost the entire year. I want more structure to the time I spend blogging. I know that is part of my problem because I do not have a set routine. Or I blog sporadically. I want to have a written one to at least acknowledge that it can be done! **** Twice a week blogging January through - August. Four times a week September - December.

7. Wedding Plans Started - Woohoo! I have this one completed! We have talked to wedding coordinators. We have discussed themes. We have planned our engagement party! So yes, I have this one down!

8. Look for 2017 Book Challenge - I do have my book club list, and I want to do the Harry Potter Readathon again this year. I am considering doing the Popsugar reading challenge, if they have one this year. **Update** 11/30/16 - I did decide on Popsugar 2017 Reading Challenge!

9. Create a Photobook of the Year's Memories - I really wanted to do this for the running trips. Which I have managed to get this finished. It was a lot of fun making it. I cannot wait to see the finished product!

10. Set Up a Faith Journal - I never thought I would do this, but I did! Today is actually my first day in my Faith Journal. I bought a second Erin Condren Vertical Life Planner for it. I use the top box for Devotion, second box for Bible Reading/Bible Study/Advent, third box is gratitude. The lines at the bottom are big prayers.

11. Create Traditions for Each Month - This was an odd sort of an idea. I love traditions with holiday, so why not have them with months. I have no finished out this idea but I will have it soon. I may even share it here for you all. ** I will hopefully do a blog post for this in January!

12. Finish Up Collections in my Bullet Journal - I am notorious for not finishing up a collection. I just like the feeling of starting something new. I did manage to finish up the collections. It's rather sad. I only have a few more months in this bullet journal. I plan on doing a year in each journal. I have toyed with the idea of creating just a collection journal.

13. Set up Work Journal and Use - This has been a work in progress. I have to have it in sight for me to use it. And still sometimes I forget to use it. This is just a bullet journal style journal for me. I have to-dos on one side and reflection on the week. But I am looking for more work reflection questions.

14. Make a List of Recipes to Try - This is huge for me! I have in the past few years really went for watching cooking/baking channels/vloggers on Youtube. So this year it is my turn. ** Pinterest all the way!

15. Work on Setting Up 2017 Planner - This is a work in progress for me. I am working on it now! Just setting up note pages, dates that I know are happening. ** Look for the upcoming post on my 2017 planner!

16. Create Space on Nightstand for Faith Journal - I finally cleaned off my nightstand. So they finally have a home!

17. Buy New Mattress - The mattress I have now is so bad. I swear it is part of the reason I have not been sleeping as well in the past couple of months. I have been on the look out for reviews on mattresses.

17 Words for 2017

1. Adventure
2. Arrival
3. Explore
4. Authenic
5. Prepared
6. Charming
7. Free
8. Love
9. New
10. Determined
11. Connected
12. Restore
13. Clarity
14. Gratitude
15. Pioneer
16. Composure
17. Strength

What are your goals for the rest of the year? What would be your words?

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