October 2016 Disney Haul

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you are enjoying your weekend. Mine has been busy here at Disney World. It is the Food & Wine Half Marathon, and this has been the best marathon weekend I've ever had. We took things pretty easy, didn't rush. Granted we were here just last weekend as well for my family's reunion. Which brings me to today's post. This is my Disney Haul from last weekend with my family it is just the stuff I bought for myself.

I will try to add prices and such. I do have receipts and everything. However, I cannot link to the actual product, but I will link to what shop I bought the item at in Disney World. I did not buy a lot for myself this time

Pineapple Float Souvenir Tiki Sipper - $10.29

I love this souvenir cup! It is so unique. Plus, the floats are amazing! I bought mine at the Polynesian Village Resort at Pineapple Lanai. I recommend vanilla ice cream with pineapple over pineapple on pineapple. The pineapple on pineapple is too much citrus for me. However, the vanilla with pineapple has me wanting more and more!

Polynesian Village Resort zip up Hoodie - $49.99

I was resort hopping (going from resort to resort) and looking around when this hoodie grabbed my attention. I was at Polynesian Village Resort inside at BouTiki. It was our last day and I hadn't bought any clothing! This hoodie was perfect! It's cute, it sparkles, and it has tikis on it! Plus, it's thin! All of the

Mickey Mouse Binder Clips and Cinderella's Castle Disney World Binder Clips - 1 Pack of 6 of each design: $15.99

This was a little pricey, however, I gave out one clip per person I work with because it was something they could use. Plus, I got to keep the leftovers. I bought mine at the Wilderness Lodge Mercantile, but I seen them available in the parks and other gift shops.

Basin Mini Bath Bombs & Basin Bath Salt - Each tube was $6.99

Basin is a unique store at Disney World (They do have Basin White which is located at Disney's Grand Floridian, and sells different high end items.) Basin, the plain one, is located at Disney Springs. The only thing they do not have is bubble things. They have bath bombs, not bubble bath or bubbles bars. They do have amazing soaps though. What I love the most though is if you are in store you can add as many layers as you want of the different salts. I love therapy, but I love almond as well. Mix it up and fill it to the top!

Tales from the Haunted Mansion Volume 1 - $14.99

Memento Mori, The Haunted Mansion gift shop, is where I bought this wonderful book. I knew from the moment I heard that they were selling a Haunted Mansion book, I had to have it. I told myself to wait until I was there with my family to get it. It was well worth the wait! I was slightly frazzled that night thinking they had stop selling it! But I found it. I also found something else...

Disney Parks Presents: The Haunted Mansion: Purchase Includes a CD with Song! (Hardcover) - $17.99

Memento Mori, also had this delightful book. I love the Haunted Mansion, so anything related to it, I want it. I adore this book. It will be one that I treasure forever, details of why, later. I love that this is a picture book perfect children! It's simply amazing!

What souvenir do you want from Disney World? Where should I go looking for souvenirs the next time?

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