Thanksgiving 2016 Survey

Thursday, November 24, is Thanksgiving in the U.S. We observe this holiday to be thankful for the harvest and for the survival of this country. This is day is mostly families getting together, and quite honestly, eating. Some families say what they are most thankful for, while some families plan out their Black Friday shopping together.

So here is some interesting facts about me. I hope you enjoy this look into my life!

What is your favorite thanksgiving side dish? 

Chicken in dressing with gravy

What is your favorite thanksgiving dessert? 

Pecan Pie

Do you eat just turkey, just side dishes, or both? 

Usually turkey but will go for ham this year. Green bean casserole, baked beans, and chicken in dressings!

What is your ideal thanksgiving outfit? 

I will actually get to wear what I want since we are having Thanksgiving at my house.

Shirt: Simplicity on a Saturday Tunic in Coral
Pants: Zella Live In Slim Fit Leggings
Jewelry:Gold Dipped Feather | Custom Feather Necklacedress the part mask studsApple Watch Rose Gold Aluminum Case with Pink Sand Sport Band, and Kendra Scott Rose Gold Elaina Bracelet

What is your best thanksgiving memory? 

My favorite Thanksgiving Day memory would be watching the behind the scenes as being a part of the parade itself. But also watching the early morning get ready parts with my mom. We used to watch it together every year!

How many words can you spell with the word "gobble?"


Please remember I'm a Scrabble Champ!

What is your least favorite thanksgiving food?

I don't care for Sweet potatoes, pie or casserole.

What weird or quirky thanksgiving traditions does your family have? 

We make a football board for the Alabama vs Auburn game. The squares are $2 each. We randomly select the end number of the score for each team. It's betting at it's finest!

Where will you celebrate thanksgiving this year? 

My house!

What are you most thankful for?

If you've been keeping up with my blog, I have a list each week: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 (Catch week 4 on Thanksgiving Day)

But I am mostly thankful for God, my country, my family, my friends, my job, and my health.

What traditions do you cherish most during Thanksgiving? 

I love getting together with my family and eating. We love doing that. It's the one time where people don't feel like they are on egg shells because of a present or something. It's just chilled and relax. Plus, football!

What are some of the staple dishes for your family meal?

Baked beans is the one many people have never heard of for Thanksgiving. But they are spicy and they have bacon and beef in them. They are delicious!

How does your family spend the day after the big feast?

Football, movies (Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving, For Better or Worse, etc)

What are some over hyped Thanksgiving traditions you do not like participating in? 

My family does not do the out loud thankful thoughts. We try to sit all at a table. Never works there is always someone who sits on the couch. And usually when people get seconds that's it, it is couch time. So we don't do the whole holding hands at Thanksgiving.

Do you play certain music during Thanksgiving festivities?

I like simple music, I do plan on playing this while we eat this year: HERE.

What are your answers to some of these questions?

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