Greetings from Florida

You've Got Style!

Okay so I am in Orlando but I miss watching the Golden Girls with Vin and this makes me smile! I love this jingle! I love Sophia dancing it makes me think of my mewmaw! 

It's finally here! What I have been working for and towards for over a year! I officially work with Disney World! It came so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was in London getting the news! (Seriously I think Disney likes to give my information while traveling to places besides Disney World to remind me to come home!) Now here I am curled up in my townhouse. 

I love my townhouse here! It's simply breathtaking! I have palm trees!!!! This was way better than any condo or apartment I was looking at when I first started thinking about this adventure! I love that I bought it and it's gorgeous. It's huge for a townhouse! I have two living rooms, a kitchen, a dining/breakfast room, 4 bedrooms. One bedroom has been converted into an office though. I have a pool! Seriously a pool! I may never come home to Alabama. Just kidding I have to go home!

The townhouse is in a security neighborhood. You have to go through a gate to get to me. Meaning you will be on camera if you come to my house. That makes me feel so comfortable and secured. Though trust me, Phil, Shadow, and Syn came with me, not to mention Sliver and Gleam also found their way into my bags. So I am well protected even without the tag-a-longs. My dogs London and Theo are also with me. Theo is used to Florida. He has spent many trips at the Disney World dog resort. But this is an experience that we were prepared for since we spent most of last summer in London together.

Time here in Florida makes me excited. Granted I am more hot but it's not near as humid as Alabama. Granted it's still humid but I can handle straight heat better than with humidity. The experience of working for Disney is worth all the heat, sweat, and pain. I am trying to build endurance. It reminds me of trying out for the DCC again and this time I intend to excel in every aspect. 

Training is in full for me. I brought my bike and all of my work out gear. I am still trying to find a gym for days that I know it's not safe to work out outside. The rest of the time I will be biking and running through the neighborhood. So this will be a good summer for working out for me!

Having inspiration to blog again has made me so excited. I know I have slacked off a lot since I had to take some personal time. Now that I am away from distractions and stressful subjects and things my head is totally clear and I know what I want to do with my blog. 

I will be doing Disney posts once a week. While we are on the subject of Disney; I am turning our Disney trip in April into one long post instead of a series. I also plan to continue the challenges and Etsy blogs as well. Currents will be returning and more personal blogs will become a constant as well. Of course any requests that I have been asked to do will be done as well.

Come the fall Binder Series and Baby Series will return. Also coming in September my Bridal journey will begin as well. If you have any ideas that you would like to see me do please let me know! I love being there for all of you! 

Hunter, aka Tinker Bell

Hebrews 13:8

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