Fresh Start Challenge Day 24: Prayer Does Work

I just told +Jessica about this a few nights ago, but it was a very powerful story for me because it was instant prayer answering even if I wasn't ready for the answer the first time.

My last relationship was in a terrible rocky stage. Him and his ex had talked about what went wrong in their relationship one day when she didn't have anyone to help take care of herself and their son. Now the grumpy girl inside of me was screaming "HELLO SHE IS A SINGLE MOM, YOU FREAKING SUCK IT UP CUPCAKE!" So red flags were screaming at me that he is at his ex's house, basically having reconciliation. He is telling me that there is nothing happening between them. (Later I found out she kissed him.)

So I had to get away from everything. I went to the mountains for a getaway before I went to Disney for Carolina's birthday. He told me he was going out with some friends. I was okay with that. I shouldn't have been. Strangely his "best friend" even asked me what if he wasn't with friends but with his ex. I told her she was nuts.

Sunday morning after he spent the out with friends I prayed that God would show me how to get out of the relationship because I didn't feel like there was much there anymore. That night my ex told me he wasn't with his friends he was with his ex and he slept with her. I was shocked to begin with, hurt, then angry, then calm. I forgave him. I told him I could look past it. He was dumbfounded. His ex was dumbfounded. Honestly, I was shocked myself that I was willingly to look past that.

Another week and I prayed again in the chair at church in Florida because I felt off. That night he didn't answer me for a long time. I figured he was having fun with his sun and then it was after the time and then I started to panic.

He finally told me we were done. To begin with I was devastated, and after about 30 minutes I let go. I realized my prayers had been answered. I realized this is what I had been wanting since I was in London. Yes, for a few days I moped. It was something I had grown used to having in my life. But I was at Disney and you can't mope around too much at Disney. God had a plan. He put me in Disney, took away what was killing my heart and set me free in Disney.

God has done some amazing things but those answer to prayers is what still stands out to me.

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