Fresh Start Day 22: It Returns

What If It Returns

My brother having cancer scares me to death. He doesn't have one that is easy to treat. Hence why it has been 6 years now. That's over half of his life people. He hasn't been able to play soccer or little league. His joy has come from seeing us in his hospital room and us toting him around Disney World when he is able to do so.

Right now at the moment he is so close to remission. No there is no cancer cells but there are spots on him that are still for concern. He got to go on his Make A Wish Request. I have had several people ask me didn't that mean he was dying. No it doesn't. In fact, more children get their wish granted when they are more healthy. The child doesn't have to be terminal at that point. 

But every day the devil grabs my thoughts for a brief second and makes me wonder, what if it returns today? What if it returns in the next scans? What if he gets leukemia that can't be beat after having Neuroblastoma? 

I just pray and give it to God but sometimes it's difficult, especially on the days I know he isn't feeling well. 

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