Fresh Start Challenge Day 16: This Is How We Roll

True cut off jean shorts, backless long sleeve shirt over a spaghetti strap shirt, and my real cowboy boots, and part Italian farmer boy beside me... The day was good anyhow but let's add Florida-Georgia Line and Jason Aldean. This country girl was in heaven and I know for a fact that the Italian farm boy had a wild time. 

We danced, kissed, drank, and lit it up Friday Night. I loved it. It felt like an adult version of a college party. I say that because they seen my license and didn't check it to see if it was fake. And as for the text that Vin sent everyone; I know. Grinding him with my butt may have something to do with it because Lord knows I felt it. 

It felt so good to let go of everything and just dance and make out. I don't care if I looked like a hussy. I felt alive for the first time in a month. I wasn't caring if hands were exploring spots for the first time in a public place. And even if we didn't go all the way because let's face it I have saved myself this long might as well keep the record it felt good knowing he wanted it bad.

I was scared it would rain on us and it did a little but I later loved that fact because thanks to the moisture and the humidity it curled my perfectly flat iron hair but Vin said it was the sexiest I had ever looked. So I will live with that and be thrilled. 

I hated to walk (more like stagger) out of that theater because it felt like a really bad goodbye. But Vin picked me up on his back and it was like God reminding me, "I gave him to you let him take care of you on Earth." And so I happily wrapped my arms around his neck while riding on his back while wearing his cowboy hat. I did unbutton his shirt showing off his chest and stomach which he turned crimson at but it was well worth it!

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