Fresh Start Challenge Day 19: I'll Be There For You When The Rain Starts to Pour

I can't help it! There are about twelve people who always make me feel better! Even if it is short lived!!!!

Wayne - No other preacher is like him. He drinks (doesn't get drunk) plays video games, and he is always there to be real with you. He doesn't act like everything is together for him just because he has the Lord. He doesn't talk about his past like everything is hunky dory. He is honest and upfront with everything.

Frankie - The only thing crummy about this guy is the crumbs on him. He is hilarious when people piss him off because he becomes a huge smart ass and it's hilarious. I love his wood working. He is has this way about him for making you feel like everything is peaceful. If he was a vampire he would be like Jasper. *Shudders* Pretend I didn't just make a Twilight reference! And please forgive me.

Nate - Newest one to add to the bunch. But he is such a sweetie and has a hilarious sense of humor which you can so tell he is a McLachlan. It really shows sometimes when he is pissed and he bows up. I would not want to be on the other end of the pissed off furrowed brow look he gives.

Ridge - My mini brunette twin. We are both quite evil and we love revenge. Don't mess with the ones we love because we both have a knack for getting you back without you knowing it was us. You life will feel like crap one day just remember we may have caused it. 

Lillian - God love her is a nut when you get her out of her quiet shell. She absolutely nuts. She is another one that is easy to think she loves you only for her to actually be making fun of you with her wording choice. She has zero tolerance for stupid people. 

Odette - What can I say about this girl? Omg that she is freaking awesome! She is like the momma hen. Going after us, especially her son and husband is the wrong idea. She is totally crazy and hilarious in her own prime and kind. She is mean as a snake though and can reduce a person to tears in a matter of minutes if you piss her off. 

Mary Ann - A.K.A MIA. Glitter, sparkle, shine. It's hard to believe that this girl ever considered killing herself. That's why when you see emo people you know they are doing it for attention to get noticed so they seem dark and sad. MIA's kind is different these are the ones that really need the care and help. 

Edwin - Seen him naked so many times through the course of my life I know how many veins run through him on his left thigh! Childhood friend that I can't get rid of no matter how hard I never try. He is will always be around me and I love that because he is like a brother to me.

Jessica - This girl? *SQUEALS* Is seriously awesome! She is smart. Beautifu, yes beautiful, don't make me beat you. She is funny. And you won't find one more loyal or supportive of you. She and I became friends while I was dating her ex, and Odette's ex. Yeah don't judge me on my lack of judgement. Jessica is easily one of my closest friends. We go to each other about anything and everything.

Carolina - God felt the need to make us cousins because no way in hell would our parents have been able to handle us as twins. It was bad enough on everyone as cousins! We know all secrets and everything about each other.

Chris - I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for this guy. He has saved my life twice now. We are so close that people think we are dating but they couldn't farther from the true. We just are really close friends that have proved what lengths we will go for each other. It's a bond I don't recommend people testing.

Vin - Even when he was the dork that lived with Edwin we were close. Now? This man better never get tired of me because it's the long road for us. He is my best friend and my world.

These people no matter what make me smile even when I feel like that I can't go on.

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