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Berenstain Bears

I freaking love these bears! I loved the TV cartoons of them too! I have several one of them on DVD. I love the books though! Super cute and adorable!

Miss Nelson Is Missing!

I am pretty sure this was my kick start to wanting to become a teacher. I loved this book so much. It was always fun to read about how she tricked them and how well behaved they were. Face it going through school we all had subs that were nightmares or real sweet and let you get away with anything!

The Baby Sitters' Club

I was a huge fan! Omg I was literally in the fan club! (Just like I was the Boxcar Children's fan club too!) I loved these books so much! I read them all. I learned so much from them about life and about babysitting!

American Girl Series

This was the beginning of my London obsession! Omg I love the Molly series! I even had the doll! But I loved the Samantha series too. Oh jeez I just loved them all. The series of the different girls was just fascinating! I cannot wait to pass these stories on to my daughters


No no no! Disney did this book completely wrong! Omg this was a back up to Harry Potter series for me! I still go back and read these series and no I do not image Disney's crappy version of these books!

Amelia Bedelia 

I loved how crazy this woman was with her crazy thinking. My favorite was definitively her Christmas book. Where she put a mirror on top of the tree so everyone could be a "star."

Junie B. Jones

This child was me! I loved her! I love reading her books still. Just how crazy and messy and awesome she was! It was kind of like me and Carolina growing up!

Green Eggs and Ham

This was the only reason I liked going to the doctor. My mom hated Dr. Seuss and didn't buy any of his books for her kids and so when we would be in there I would make her read this too me as blackmail or I would scream and cry.

Richard Scarry's Biggest Word Book Ever!

I was obsessed with this book! I seriously would spend hours looking at this book. I think it was because it had everything. I did like the cartoon on tv about this man's world as well. But this book gah it is amazing!

She-Ra Princess of Power

I wasn't an 80s baby but my dad loved He-Man and She-Ra and he passed the love onto me. For years I thought I was the only one my age that knew who She-Ra and He-Man were and then I found the people I hang out with now.

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