Fresh Start Challenge Day 13: Simple and Sweet

Horseback riding on my grandpa's land is what I want to do the most. That's where my horse is who I haven't seen in two years now but Grandpa said he is doing amazing. But I would love riding Birch through the vineyards and then having wine on the swings while the sun goes down.

Baseball games are always amazing. I can be relaxed and eat like I want to do so. An Alabama game would be incredible to go or Vanderbilt. Either one of those would be fun to sit back and relax at just make sure they aren't playing Texas AM or LSU. That wouldn't be relaxing.

Have a themed date based on a book or a movie. +Odette and +Mary Ann  are the only ones I know who are lucky enough to have had this already.

I am stealing the next one from my baby brother Bryant. I would love it if around a blanket candles were lit and the guy says we are going to have a fancy dinner and pulls out lunchables and grape juice (please be sparkling!!!) and we have the best time talking or playing games.

Anything unique and adventurous I am up for!

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