Fresh Start Challenge Day 25: Love Your Baby Girl

Dear Daddy,

Thank you for always being my guidance. They say that God puts a father in your life to teach you how to love God and respect him as well. You have really done that. I am always proud to show you off and talk about you. 

Songs like "Butterfly Kisses", "Cinderella" and "I Loved Her First" make me want to bawl my eyes out because I was/am your little girl. I know it's hard to swallow but you have to let me go when I walk down that aisle to Vin. But I am never gone from you. It's just time that I start my own family. 

God knew it would be tough on you and look at what he has given you. A darling little girl that you can love on for the next 17 years until she is ready to spread her wings and fly like I did. How you taught me to fly. 

I owe so much to you. You taught me how to stand up for myself, how to survive, and how to be a Godly woman. I love you so much. You may not have put the stars in the sky but I think you helped God when he did.

Love your Princess,

Dear Momma Charlene,

Until last year I called you Aunt Charlene. You are the only woman I would let marry my daddy without a fight. I know you will be perfect for him to grow old with now.

You helped me so much when we were living in Seattle. You told mom many times how awful of a mom she was being. I cannot thank you for the times that you covered for me. You helped me realize there was more to life than hunting and fishing and Disney.

You should feel proud and ashamed. You were the first person to ever put a make-up brush in my hand. Actually I believe it was a sponge but still you were the one that got me interested in wearing make up when I was in the 8th grade. I won't forget that little green compact full of powder and showing it off to my friends. Even the ones where their parents would let them wear make they bought them drug store. I had Clinque. I felt powerful. 

You helped me become a girly girl and I am forever thankful for that! You mean the world to me! Stormie is one lucky girl to have you and Dad together from the get go!

Love Always,

Dear Carolina,

I personally like to believe that you are the reason I am half nuts and the reason I like to try daring things. You make me realize how boring life can be and you hate that like I do so I go crazy trying to make life have some color. 

The years and the time we have spent trying to cause chaos and create memories. I cherish every stupid thing we have done together because I know when we grow old we can look back and laugh and laugh. Heck we already do and we aren't even 25 yet! We have so many more years of craziness. 

Thank you for always being my rock. I love you tremendously.


Dear Mrs. Brown,

I owe my teaching career to you. You helped me excel at everything in college. I am always looking back on the handouts and teaching cheat sheets you gave me back when I was in elementary school and told you I wanted to become a teacher like you. 

I was amazed when you found me my freshman year at UA and wanted to have lunch. You really sparked my interest in teaching all over again and I knew I had found my calling. What most people agonize over you helped me make my mind up when I was still very young. 

I am always going to remember you. I promise to come see you next time I am in Tuscaloosa! We can have Starbucks and sandwiches like the last time.


Dear Walt Disney,

I am forever grateful for your dream and the courage you had to pursue them when everyone was telling you that you couldn't do it. It has always given me hope and courage for myself to pursue dreams that no one thought was possible. 

I will never forget that the entire company was started by a mouse. I love that mouse dearly. I have loved all of your characters through the years. I believe that the company would make you proud in one respect and totally disgusted in another.

I can honestly say you that your brand is the brand that has impacted my life the most!


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