One True Pair, a.k.a, is your favorite relationship in a fandom. My fandoms are pretty short, The Big Bang Theory, Disney, and Harry Potter. There are a few others but they aren't something I spend hours putting into like these make me do.

A few months ago, I think back in February, JK Rowlings admitted she wanted Hermione to end up with Harry. Parts of me understood that so much! I never felt like Hermione should have ended up with Ron. Trust me everyone always talked about how Ron deserved someone like Hermione because he always got hand me downs or had to put up with being Harry's best mate. What did Hermione get out of it? Someone who first of all made fun of her? Used her? Ignored her? And then left her? 

Ron always made Hermione cry.
This is why I will never ship them.

It's easy to say that's true love, but is it really? Should a girl really fall in love with someone who put her down? Made fun of her? Ignored her? I must be in the minority on this but I don't think she should. Sure, she was around Ron a lot but that doesn't mean she should have fell in love with him. Set him up on a nice date with someone else that maybe he will find brilliant enough to ask out first.

Ron does deserve a nice girl who thinks the world of him. Hermione, was never that girl to me. Like him to her, she felt like he had a lot of short comings. I seen them as well. 

So was I one of the people that thought she should end up with Harry? No! If you haven't guessed by the title of this post, the person I seen Hermione being with is definitely Fred. Not Draco, not Harry, or anyone else. But someone who can make her loosen up and see the world through something different besides books. Fred would have been able to give her so much more than anyone else in my opinion.

It would have been no different than Lily Evans falling in love with James Potter. Lily, after all, was a very talented and clever witch as well. James Potter was as Hagrid and Cornelius Fudge put in it in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban stating that "'Black and Potter. Ringleaders of their little gang. Both very bright, of course — exceptionally bright, in fact — but I don’t think we’ve ever had such a pair of troublemakers —' 'I dunno ,' chuckled Hagrid . 'Fred and George Weasley could give ’em a run fer their money.'" Lily didn't choose the brooding and the one called her names, she chose the one that made her see light side of life.

Could the books have been altered for the story to take place? Yes! I have read many fanfictions that go along strictly with the books until it's time for Fred to die and he doesn't. Reading that part of the last book hits me worse than when Hedwig died, Dumbledore dies, and even Dobby. Why put Molly and George through that kind of torture?

Also, what would be in this relationship for Fred? A woman that sees his talents and supports him. One that has someone not putting her down. One that takes the time to notice her and helps her. Fred would have someone that could truly help him with making products.

Their romance would be so much better than Ron and Hermione. JK Rowling said it herself that Ron and Hermione had to go to marriage counseling. I, for one, believe it would have taken a lot more than to help those because Ron never really appreciated her until it was too late. Then he practically pushed himself on her. I just don't understand the whole pairing of Ron and Hermione. Fred seems like the better Weasley brother for her.

If you don't believe me, try reading for yourself:

Love Means Never Having to TimeTravel

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