December 2016 Favorites & Lookback

Goodbye December... *Waves sadly* Goodbye 2016 *Waves a little bit harder* Yeah, I really hate to see the holidays end. The sparkling and twinkling goes away and the new year is rung in, and it starts to get rainy, and cold. I can deal with the cold, the rain not so much.

Here is a glance back at my December...
December 1st was a huge kick off of working on the word of the year and watching Merry Christmas Charlie Brown! I ran the St. Jude's Marathon before watching Alabama beat Florida, and picking out two angel tree kids for our family. I finished up decorating and we started Advent that weekend as well. And if you want to catch up on the Advent Posts just -click here-.

First full week of December was spent getting ready for our Disney December Surprise Trip and you can read the recap here of that. We also enjoyed Northport's Dickens Downtown! It is always on my list every year to do. But Thursday through Sunday I was at Disney World having a fantastic time with my father in-law to be and my fiance! We came home on Sunday!

When getting home from that trip we enjoyed decorating more and making cookies galore! We started having presents pile up and up. We also enjoyed some British traditions which kept things very interesting! We went shopping for Angel Tree kids and Frankie and his work rang the Salvation Army bell.

The week of Christmas was rather blah like. I spent most of the time wrapping presents and preparing for the new year. We did visits to the children's hospital, caroling, and trimming the tree outside. I did get enjoy getting all decked out in a true formal evening gown and dancing and listening to Frankie sing on Christmas Eve eve. December 23rd was absolutely amazing. Christmas Eve was amazing we went for walk in communion and enjoyed traditions. Christmas Day was alright. I spent the morning getting fluids at the hospital. My sister and her babies were released from the hospital and it was announced that my best cousin is pregnant! That is what made it amazing!

The week leading up to the next year was interesting. I was able to get a lot done, however, I was in my head a good bit. I was rather weary but thankful for a lot of things. It took some patience for me to get out of my head. Regardless 2016 is done and here we go!

Makeup Products -

NYX Professional Makeup Prismatic Shadow - Fireball - Pairing this with other red eyeshadows for the perfect red burgundy pop was great during December. I wear a lot of red during the holidays, and this really helped layer up the red and metallic.

Kat Von D Lock-It Edge Foundation Brush #10 - O-M-G. I am officially a huge fan of Kat Von D's product line. She has some amazing products and this is definitely one of them. This is a great foundation brush for all the curves of the face!

Hair Care Product -

NUME Megastar - So I'm blaming the best friend for this. She bought her daughter NUME products and I was like "Hm what is new on their website?" BAD IDEA! But to be fair it had been awhile since I tried out some new tools on my hair. I really love this straightner. I love NUME products!

Skincare -

In Transit™ Camera Close-Up - Ok this stuff doesn't smell the greatest but my makeup goes on a lot smoother with lets flaking on my face! I totally love! It is medium weight. I wouldn't say that it is a light weight primer, but it is a moisturizer and mask.

Shower/Bath Product -

Reindeer Rock - This was a favorite this year. However, many people passed over it. I happen to freaking love it. It smells like the perfect combination of woods and berries. I am transported to the woodsy mountains every time I use this and it makes me miss our cabin so bad. I do recommend this soap!

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

Pretty Neat Planner - Yeah Pretty Neat Living made a planner channel.... Uhhhh I'm LOVING THIS! She did her own thing called Planmas! I was all over this! I love it! I hope she continues because it's truly epic!

Book/Story -

Letters from Father Christmas - My book club books didn't let me down this month. It helped me get into the Christmas spirit reading this. It also helped me with the letters from Santa to the kids. And also the elf to the kids. It's remarkable that people have been doing this for years.

Song/Album -

NSYNC Home for Christmas - I remember when Justin Timberlake covered my walls. And being with someone who brings back memories of that time it just felt right to pull this cd out of it's sleeve and put it to my computer. I have missed these songs.

Movie -

Mistletoe over Manhattan  I ♥ this movie so much. I was very glad when it seemed like it came on every Tuesday, but I wasn't home to enjoy it. So I bought it!

Disney Moment -

My trip with Frankie and his dad that was magical!

Running/Fitness -

Pure Barre - I decided to let this be my fitness besides running for awhile. I'm really grateful that Tuscaloosa has one of these. It's a lot of fun, but challenging.

Food -

Chocolate Oranges - I have loved these for a long time. I was young when I first discovered these. But with the British invasion in my house, we have even started baking with these orange flavored chocolates! It's a blast and so nontraditional here!

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

Personily - I seen it on Facebook one day a Yeti decal I had to have and I found the shop within the next few seconds, and I bought it right then and there. It is the most amazing Yeti cup decal! Mickey Mouse Patronus

Lookback -

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