Living Seasonally

There are the people that literally just decorate their house for Christmas and that's it. I don't see how they do it. My family has always been seasonal. The older I got the more holidays and seasons we decorated for and I loved it.

See what I decorate for throughout the year.
I use lists from Paper & Glam for each month. I can usually use these list to celebrate so much with my children each month. Here is where you can get the same lists. But here is an overview of how I choose decorate my home seasonally.
  • January - Winter themed with snowflakes, forest theme. I use mostly red, silver, and white.
  • February - Valentine's Day, hearts, sequins, and doilies. Red, pink, gold and silver are the colors for this month!
  • March - St. Patrick's Day - Green everything! Truly!
  • April - Usually Easter - Pastel colors along with some bright colors.
  • May - This is when I go full blown spring. Floral arrangements and garden theme.
  • June - Summer - Tiki bar, pool time, beach theme and lots of bright colors.
  • July - Fourth of July - Red, navy, and white, and more beach theme.
  • August - Back to school - I start bringing out a few football things, but the color is definitely yellow for the month.
  • September - Football and Hogwarts - Not joking, it's like autumn burst when Hogwarts and Alabama collided at my house.
  • October - Halloween - Orange and black, plus a lot more autumn decorations!
  • November - Thanksgiving with Christmas slipping in - I usually decorate the kitchen and the dining room for Thanksgiving in November, everything else goes Christmas.
  • December - Christmas - The usual festive Christmas scene.
But remember to celebrate not just the bigger holidays but the smaller and wackier holidays as well.

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