Life Aspirations Page

Some people call it a bucket list. Others call it aspirations of the heart. Whatever you call them; they are the things that you want to do so bad that it makes your heart pound and/or gets you giddy. These things can also make you set your jaw with determination.

These are the things I will start and continue to share with you.
You are probably expecting this blog post to be the list of these for me. You are sort of wrong. I want this list to be a growing list. I am going to start with some of things I have done that were aspirations and I have completed them.

List of Life Aspirations is a page not a post.

It will always be a work in progress. I want to grow with this list over things that I accomplish!

Aspirations - a hope or ambition of achieving something. That's what my goals of life are. Something that I hope I will achieve in my life.

Some of these I have on my radar for some time. So I hope you enjoy these. And I will continue to update them as time goes on. Just keep checking back to the page linked above.

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