Top 10 Favorites of 2016

Another year has gone, it wasn't the worst year, and it wasn't the best year. However, I'm grateful for 2016. It introduced me to new places, new relationships, and new things! These things are things that I will continue to love into the next year, guaranteed.

From clothing, to makeup, to media these are my top 10 products of 2016.

I tried to come up with different categories and that just didn't seem right. What I finally ended up with is the products that really impacted or I used for a long time. I hope you enjoy these!

New Balance Women's W890V5 Neutral Running Shoe - These shoes are amazing! I have owned several pairs of them this past year. They managed to get me through over 250 race miles and some training miles. I highly recommend them, but want to mention that they aren't suitable if you are looking for a shoe to last longer than 3 months. I know some people wear whatever shoe every day then freak out after all day, everyday wear and there is a whole coming in them. Expect that. I go through shoes a lot anyhow because I run a lot. Usually I run somewhere between 5-12 miles each and every day. These shoes are great though.

Simplicity on a Saturday Tunic - I have had some of these shirts for over a year. I love these shirts. It's easy to dress them up and dress them down, but most importantly they are comfortable. I wear these to work. I wear them at Disney. I wear them on the weekends. It is just a versatile shirt. I really hope and pray Modcloth never stops selling these.

Chocolate Bon Bon Eye Shadow - Too Faced - This was my travel palette that went everywhere with me. I have hit pan on a lot of these colors. My favorite is Cafe Au Lait, the shimmer taupe color. You can put it on top of any color and your eyes will pop! This is the best palette for browns, pinks, and a touch of navy colors. This palette I can really mix colors on top of colors and see what comes of it.

Kocostar Foot Therapy - When receiving this in my Popsugar May box I was unsure if I would ever us them. I actually ended up using them in August... Frankie and I both put on a pair... Needless to say these worked. I have since bought several of them and put them in stockings and gifts for people for Christmas. It gives you an excuse to not move for hour and half. Seriously, you CANNOT walk in these while they are doing their job. My feet felt amazing afterwards, but two days later, my skin was peeling in huge pieces leaving my skin incredible smooth and new! I could not believe the dead skin was peeling off of my feet so. It made me feel so gross to know the dead skin just hanging out on my feet.

Samsonite Ultralite Extreme 2 Piece Softside Spinner 4 Wheel Luggage Set - My old luggage had seen it's last days. Too many Disney trips, abroad and on land. I know I have only had these a month, but they are that awesome! They hold up so well and are so much easier to move. I love all the features on these pieces of luggage. While they don't have a lot of personality, I'll add that in time. I am looking at the computer bag by Samsonite.

Simple Abundance: A Daybook of Comfort and Joy / Savor: Living Abundantly Where You Are, As You Are - Technically yes these are two different books, but I have used them together during 2016. Both of these books are meant to be read in a year. While most people probably do this and never pick them back up, however, I know the seasons of my life are always changing and that I can always get a piece of comfort or a small nugget of information when I am calm and focused on these two books. I am ready to continue reading them throughout this year as well.

Lindsey Stirling - My friend over at A Pop of Jess, recommended me listening to a certain Lindsey Stirling song, and I have been hooked ever since. Not only does she do some amazing covers, but her original music is so memorable for most of them to have no words. Plus, watching her is inspiring the way she plays and moves at the same time. She is just an inspiring person, and someone to look up to in everyday life.

Vitafusion Gummie Vitamins - I do not like swallowing pills. I was grateful while researching vitamins to find these gummy options. The only one they did not have was the iron supplement, but my doctor explained to me why they are unlikely to have iron in them. These have the most amazing flavors. All the different ones I have tried taste so good that it is hard to stop eating them. I do take a Flintstone Vitamin for iron, but if I could I would choose Vitafusion for any time of vitamin.

Paul Mitchell Sculpting Foam Extra Body, 16.9 Ounce - While learning to do more vintage hairstyles is a goal this year; I decided to stock up on tools last year. This was recommended by the lady that cuts my hair for me. It smells amazing and I swear if I put this in my hair before I blow dry it I end up looking like a Bush Woolie (click to see.) And while I don't care for looking like that to begin with, I have so much more to work with when I use this product. My hair keeps it's volume for at least two-three days.

Paper Mate Flair Pens - I started out wanting these for just my planner. It's such a nice perfect line of ink with this pen. I love all the colors you can get. But slowly I started loving them for work. It's great for work. I like how it makes my signature look bolder and more mine. The only thing is sometimes there is shadowing with these pens and I will return to Staedtlers. But still Flairs are what I used most often in 2016.

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