Checklist for the Big Game

My Crimson Tide may have been defeated by Clemson, but there are some former Tide players I'm ready to see take the field on February 5th! I am going to be throwing a party for this event. It's going to be a lot of my friends from college coming over for the big game.

So to be prepared for that day coming up a checklist is in order.

Here is a daily check list leading up up until February 5th!

Friday, Today, January 27

1. Order decor supplies - I like to order party decor from Oriental Trading. Here is a quick look at some of my favorites:

And if shipping is an issue go to your local party store or Target for great party supplies.

2. Create guest list - I don't do too many people for this time of party. Things can get rowdy at times so keep it to a few friends that you trust. Plus, it's up to you if they bring friends. So either tell them to party else where or double up on food.

Saturday, January 28

Invites! Send out a blast email or a group text. Tell everyone where you are at and be sure to tell them if it is kid friendly and/or if they are allowed to invite anyone.

Sunday, January 29

You know the saying Sunday Funday? Well it's true. Spend some time finding and creating the perfect menu using Pinterest. Or even easier? Just use my board: Super Bowl LI

Monday, January 30

Now comes the not so fun part. Take stock of what you have in your refrigerator and pantry. Create a grocery list of things you will need and also look for coupons for you to save on your bill.

Tuesday, January 31

Go grocery shopping. I love Aldi personally. You can also find bottled drinks on sale at Publix, a lot.

Wednesday, February 1

Relax! Have a day without party planning.

Thursday, February 2

Check in with your guest list. If anyone offers to help let them. Be honest with the group of friends you have.

Friday, February 3

  • Check the weather if your party is considering to partially outside.
  • Go ahead and move your furniture for the party to allow maximum viewing of the screen that will have the game on it.
  • Sort your decorations and get a good idea of how things will go. Will the food be around the viewing area or will you have a buffet out of the way?
  • Go ahead and get your outfit together. With some jeggings from AE, and my Atlanta Falcon Tunic, I'll be rocking some Coral boots from King Ranch Saddle Shop. This leather goods business is in Kingsville, Texas. Their heritage goes all the way back to the Civil War, so they know what they are doing when it comes to leather and comfort! You can check out their entire selection of durable leather cowboy boots and fashionable cowgirl boots if you're in need!
Saturday, February 4
  1. Set up games for kids or inflatable. Just have something for the kids to do. Or have them help with the following things.
  2. Decorate! Tablecloths, banners, balloons, and everything!
  3. Food prep. Take some of the hassle off of you tomorrow and go ahead and fix things ahead of time. The more fun you will have if there is less to do the day of the came.
Sunday - GAME DAY - Boots to the ground and get to running
  • Clean up - Make sure you have your house ready for a party including the bathrooms.
  • Finish cooking
  • Get dressed
  • Welcome the guest
  • Set out the food
  • Listen to Luke Bryan sing
  • Enjoy the game!
I hope this has helped you with your party planning!

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