Reading in 2017

My reading list was fantastic in 2015. I finished an entire reading challenge, and I felt like I had conquered something huge. But 2016 I barely finished 60 books, and I read some more rotten books and I didn't finish strong with my book club. I felt like 2017 needed more.

Do you like to reread your favorite books? Do you have trouble finding books to read?

I used to be the person that wanted to be a in a face to face book club. But I have found the second best thing. An online book club with different ways of discussing the same books without having to get out of my bathrobe or having to make small talk as we wait for everyone to get there. I have to admit that Lisa Marie, from Paper & Glam, has made my life richer and fuller. The Paper & Glam Book Club is the Facebook group where spoilers aren't allowed. However, we also meet on Goodreads over at Paper & Glam Book Club where spoilers are allowed.

The only book that I'm not reading this year on this list is Love Warrior. I am not the biggest fan of the author, so I'll be skipping this one. The rest of the books have me excited. I'll be reading Chip and Joana Gaines' book, The Magnolia Story. It's more me than Love Warrior.

However, this set of 12 books is not the only books I'm reading. I failed to complete the 2016 Popsugar Reading Challenge, it was a bit boring. However, the 2017 Popsugar Reading Challenge is very promising. My friend Jessica, over at A Pop of Jess, made a spreadsheet to be able to remember and keep track of what we want to be able to read, do we own it, and if not the price. It's been very helpful to me already.

On that note, what I have been reading so far? Well I have read 4 books and counting right now. Here is what I have been reading so far:

And I'm currently reading...
I plan to read this and one of the book for the month of January. I may squeeze in another who knows. My Reading Challenge is set to 75 books again. Yes it's ambitious but I'm excited for it!

What are you reading in 2017? Any books that should be on my list?

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