It's My Birthday!

Honestly, I can say this was the most surprising birthdays by far. I will say that even though I had thought everyone had forgotten my birthday, this year was still better than last year's birthday. I realized how many people cared and really appreciate me being alive and that they want to celebrate the birth of me.

Twenty-four years old... My life, in a weird way, is exactly how I planned it at 13-14 years old because I still have my old advisory papers. Those worksheets about planning your future? I still have mine. I am still going to college and learning, getting married, parenting two children, and I have a two story house. It's ironic to me that I would be the person living out her middle school dreams.

So what about in the next 10 years? I hope for at least three more children, possibly four. To keep continuing my education and learning all that I can. To really enjoy myself and my family and realize to have a picture perfect family you have to live in between pictures! I hope to be ssuccessfulin my business endeavors. I don't want to have an easy life, that's not life. I want to live it to it's complete fullness and look back and start to regret then realize wait all this happened so I could live.

My journey through this world has already been amazing and I cannot wait to continue on through it. My family and friends have made this twenty-fourth year on the earth already amazing and I cannot wait until we come to the beginning of the twenty-fifth.

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