My Favorite Youtubers: AllThatGlitters21 and Pretty Neat Living

When being told to get a life because I watch YouTube videos, I got a little upset. But after realizing the person that told me this spends their time watching little kids sing and dogs howl, I could beat myself for giving that said person my time and thoughts. I love watching people on YouTube. It's fascinating to find out how other people's lives are going. There are two people I watch all the time; Pretty Neat Living and AllThatGlitters21. Jennifer Ross used to be Organized Jen and Elle Fowler also has a EllesGlitterGossip.

It took some getting used to the funny looks I get from people when I say I spent the day watching YouTube videos. But now, it's something that I enjoy. And these two ladies, well to me, rock the world. Currently I can't say I have watched all of their videos, but I'm darn close! Their videos are different, but they cover a good bit of the same things.

When I was in the hospital two years ago with my brother, a nurse introduced me to AllThatGlitters21. I was hooked on watching her videos, learning about the makeup she used. I watched her the entire time that I was in the hospital. And I didn't stop there.

Elle's Get Ready With Me! ♥ My Morning Routine is still my favorite YouTube video of all time. The music, the looks, the lighting was just perfect. I love watching this again and again from time to time. It just helps pep me up.

Some of things you can expect from Elle are;
And of course videos featuring Pinecone!

Makeup Reviews
Get Ready with Me
Plan with Me
What's in My Bag videos
DIY videos
Home Tours

There are some videos of hers that I don't care for, however, that does not mean that hit the dislike button or leave a mean comment. I just leave. Elle knows what she is doing and has been doing it for some time (almost eight years.) So she's been doing this awhile. I have went back and watched a lot of her older videos.

Now, Jen is a completely different story of how I started watching her. I was in my dorm room and I managed to come across her while looking for inspiration for goals to have. I found this; Organization 101: To-Do Lists Part 2. I didn't automatically subscribe or anything like that but I kept coming back to her. And she to this day is still the one I look forward to watching the most.

Jen reminds me of me. We love a lot of the same things, we even buy a lot of the same things without me knowing what she has bought. It's really weird sometimes just how similar we are. But we are also different, which goes back to my whole thing of watching YouTubers because their lives are different.

A few weeks ago I was called out by an internet troll for wanting to meet Jen over celebrities or the president. Say what you want but Jen's is awesome. Celebrities just take your money, and so does the President. Jen, she's paid by Google. Why would I want to meet Jen? Well, because I feel like I could learn a lot from her. She took insecurities, and something she liked to do and just went for it. I'm always up for learning about things when it involves people doing what they actually love to do and are not in it for the money.

While other people were complaining about Jen's lack of posting after she stopped doing daily vlogs, I understood. Even just blogging on her, weighs me down. Toting a camera around all day can't be too easy either. Plus she has people attacking her and her followers all the time. But a lot of YouTubers are facing that problem. So that's why I understand.

What can you expect from Jen? Here is a list;

Some purging
Winnie the Tzu loves the spotlight!
Pet related
Home decor
Travel vlogs
and.... Pregnancy!

Since I have been watching Jen for so long, her announcement about being pregnant made me squeal and cry. I still need to send her a card, but I have emailed her congratulating her. Jen will always be someone I watch because she as the same interests I do. It's fun and exciting to watch her life while living my own!

Do you like Elle or Jen? Who are some of your favorite YouTubers? Let me know!

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