Playlist: My YouTube Subscription List

Watching YouTube has become a pastime for me. And I've been watching people talk to a camera for almost 5 years now. I used to be like everyone else and just listen to music, watch trailers, and catch favorite clips of movies. But then something happened in college; I started watching Pretty Neat Living or back then OrganizedJen. And you can read about that here: My Favorite Youtubers: AllThatGlitters21 and Pretty Neat Living.

This requested post was interesting; Who all do I subscribe to? Which is a long list. Not all are vloggers, I do subscribe to some company channels, which are mostly Disney related. So that's where we will start!

Disney Company Related - This is a company that I use to help plan out my Disney trips. They have some of the best videos of the rooms that I know of unless you go in search of random people vlogging their hotel room. They also have some special occasions videos as well.

Disney Fairies - I am a lover of Tinker Bell. This is just something to have on hand incase I want to watch a trailer or figure out which Disney fairy movie someone is talking about incase I don't know. They don't update this one very often. It's usually updated when something with a fairy movie happens.

Disney Movie Trailers - This one I am hoping is a little self explanatory. I like to watch trailers again and again, even after a movie has come out. Why? Because sometimes the music you hear in the trailer is not in the movie you see in the theater. It's helpful to have this channel.

Disney Parks - Disney's own channel to show you highlights of what is happening in their parks. It's really good quality, but it's just snips of what other non-Disney owned companies will show fully. It will get you excited right before a trip though.

Disney•Pixar - Disney's channel about their Pixar creations. A lot of people do not realize how independent Pixar is from Disney at times. These are great little snippets of the Pixar movies and it also is home to their trailers as well. All things Pixar in one place.

Inside the Magic - This company doesn't just cover Disney World. It also covers Universal Studios. They have videos of all the shows, rides, etc. They are quick about getting the information uploaded onto YouTube so that you know what you are getting into when going to Orlando. - Just like Inside the Magic, this company goes all over Orlando showing you what to expect. This is the channel I go to when I want to "virtually ride" a ride! They have crisp clear video for Point of View viewing. Definitely one that I visit a lot.

The DIS - A podcast that I listen to 4 out of the 7 days of the week! They are awesome! They have the website WDW Info. They stay on top of their Disney World and surrounding area news. They also cover Disneyland as well. It's really worth checking out. And if you want to know more about their podcast read my review: "Stay Out of the Damn Lakes".

It's The Bugg's Life - A couple from Alabama living the Disney life. They work at Disney and vlog about it! They vlog about their lives and are a lot of fun to watch with all of their crazy content. I enjoy them really because they are Disney lovers.

runDisney - Being a runner in a Disney World marathon you always have that small fleeting hope (or atleast I do) that you will be in the video that they show to future runners and the public. This is really hype videos and also training videos. Really awesome channel.

runningmykingdom - This channel is two sisters who really love Disney! They share their reviews of everything Disney. What works for them and their families. I love the vlogging of the day at the parks.

soniastravels - Ok she's not strictly Disney at all, by any means. However, she has some amazing travel tips and hints. I highly recommend her for any trips that you are planning taking. She will make sure that you have plenty of help to make sure you know to best travel.

BookishPrincess - Another wonderful Disney vlogger! She is really awesome with her travels through Disney and Orlando. She's very interesting and a very nice person.


Thatawkwardgirl - I had a hard time figuring out if I wanted to put her with Disney or with Vintage so I placed her at the top of Vintage next to Disney related YouTubers. I love her! She's just awesome with her vintage and going to Disneyland on Dapper Days.

Vintage Bombshell - She doesn't post too often, but she has some amazing hauls! Her style is unique and she really loves vintage things.

PostmodernJukebox - I have recently become obsessed with this channel. They take modern songs and turn them into vintage style songs. It's incredible because you know the words but you've never heard these songs like this!

Lilly Jarlsson - This vintage YouTuber is beautiful. She truly has the vintage beauty! She has fantastic styling and beauty information. She's very classic and just has a good attitude.

glamourdaze - This channel has real retro clips. It's fascinating to see the commercials and beauty tips that were actually given out back then! I subscribe because not only does it shed light on why things were done back then.

Velveteen Lounge Kitsch-en - Her channel is hilarious with a true retro vibe! I love the recipes and the hints! She talks about things from the past as well while incorporating it into her content.

RetroRoadmap - A vintage road trip? She does it! She goes to all places vintage. She even has retro music to enjoy on her channel as well. It's wild, fun time on her channel.

ChronicallyVintage - A new recent favorite of mine. She has quite the eye for vintage fashion. She's not a favorite just yet, but she is on the way to be one of my favorites.

Cherry Dollface - This woman has been a favorite since I moved back to Alabama almost three years ago now! She is truly vintage with her style, makeup, hair, and decor. She is a pinup model and has a great time doing all things vintage. She even throws in some recipes.

The Glamorous Housewife - My favorite videos of her is Making It Modern where she takes vintage recipes and makes them modern. It's so interesting to see her make vintage food! I love watching it for that reason alone. They really liked presentation of food back then.

LisaFreemontStreet - This is my favorite vintage YouTuber. She is classy and really loves doing vintage hairdos. She is also wonderful at vintage makeup of sorts. She can really recreate any vintage look that anyone gives her. Ashley is truly a huge vintage inspiration to me.


Bits of Paradis - She's that quirky best friend online. She hilarious and just down to earth. She has bits and bots of things beauty, recipes, decor, and DIY. But her vlogging is awesome! Her husband is hilarious!

EllesGlitterGossip - Elle's vlogging channel is a great companion to her beauty channel. She talks about books, trips, personal things, and planner things! I like that she has a separate channel for things like this.

FleurDeVlog - When she vlogs it's amazing. I truly feel like I'm at her side just walking around with her instead of just being talked to about what's going on. Though, I wouldn't mind that either since I love to hear her talk.

Gone with the Wynns - They are people travel all the time. The videos they show are somewhat different than you would expect. Their travels take them to some odd places.

The Michalaks - She used to be all about beauty. Then she got married. It's wonderful! Then they had Mr. G and life has been fabulous! I love watching their lives unfold before the camera! I love it when they talk for their son.

OurFarmhouseLife - A couple who has a very quiet life. They are very different from other vloggers who like a flashy life. They have a farmhouse and the husband is redoing it all by himself. She is in nursing school. They are huge inspirational couple!

The Girls With Glasses - They have all kinds of videos. Decor, mommy, DIY, fashion, beauty, etc. They have it. They also have a vintage edge to them which is why I like them even more.

AlishaMarie - Geared towards late teens and/or early twenties. She's beauty, fashion, DIY, and just usual tips and tricks for that age group.

ciaoobelllaxo - She does plan with me videos which I love from her. But she also does very dramatic beauty videos! I love her darker looks because they are so fierce.

Zoella - I once was a huge Zoella fan, but she has fell off my radar a little. She still has great quality, it's just not as much fun to watch as it once was. The videos that I love most of hers are not really on this channel but rather Alfie's gaming channel where they play Sims together! It's a lot of fun to watch.

Casey Holmes - She has been on my watch list for awhile. Probably about 3 years? She does a lot of different types of videos. I love her special occasion looks. I don't care for her ranting videos or get ready with me videos. I do enjoy her reviews of products. Those are always pretty good. She's really honest with them.

Charlotte Ryan - She reminds me of Zoella but she is her own person. One of my favorite videos she has posted has been very recent. It is called Inspiration. It explains how I feel right. It's so amazing to see how it gets her going. It gave me inspiration.

DisorganizedDon - He doesn't post anymore. But I still subscribe because I like Don. He is Jennifer Ross's husband. He is an amazing cook! I love his recipes!

Elle Fowler - Elle I freaking love. She's incredible! She is actually where I started by basis for my huge collection of makeup. We even have the same towers for makeup. I adore it. She has create decor ideas and I really love her ideas.

Fleur DeForce - I love her empties. And the reason I love her channel is because she really does have great skin and great ideas to do with makeup. Sometimes her attitude can make me not want to watch her videos but I always come back to her videos. I love to hear her talk.

GettingPretty - When I found her channel I was actually doing something I am not proud of in my life now. I was trying to really tick someone off. Instead I found a great channel by someone who really loves what her viewers think. She really loves what they have to say and I find that amazing!

beautyvlogcast - This is different from her main channel where Emily posts nothing but things about beauty! This channel is still beauty, but also has touches of her family! I love Baby Belle! She's cute as pie!

Kelly Marie - She posts 2 or 3 times a month. Which I normally don't like but when you watch as many Youtube videos as I do you learn to really love it. I get excited when I see she has posted the content. She has really unique lifestyle topics. They really range from one end of the spectrum to the other.

myhousewifelife - This was Jennifer Ross' lifestyle channel before merging all of her channels into Pretty Neat Living. This was mostly her daily vlogs which were amazing! I miss her daily vlogs but I do understand why she doesn't do them anymore!

Paper & Glam - The woman is amazing. First, off she's a Christian! That speaks volumes to me! Gigantic volumes. She does beauty, room tours, decor, recipes, and planner videos! Plus she makes stickers and has started her own planner!

Rosey Annette - She actually started following me on Instagram is how I found her. She has some great content about different random things. She has a lot of different subjects which is one of the things that I am drawn to about her.

RachhLovesLife - I don't subscribe to her main channel because I find it sort of annoying. However, I really enjoy her life channel because it's just all over the place. Her vlogs are really funny!

TalkBeckyTalk - EEkk! My tea queen! She is awesome! She loves tea like I do. She does a British tag! I hope to do that really soon in the future! I love her beauty vlogs, her tags, her life, her travel. I love TalkBeckytalk!

WinnieTheTzuTube - This is Jennifer Ross's dog. The reason she has a channel for her dog is because she has adoption videos of her getting Winnie. Training videos of Winnie are a huge hit on this channel as well. And also the grooming videos of Winnie are also very popular on this channel. I have a dog just like Winnie whose name is Jen. I love this channel for information to help me with my dog.

Pretty Neat Living - I think I talk about Jen wayyyy too much, for you who follow my blog a lot. She is my inspiration. She is just a breath of maturity and organization. She's truly an unique person, who remains herself, and can laugh at herself.

Beauty & Fashion

615carebear - She's southern, she's loud, and she's awesome! Not a typical country girl makeup which makes me like her even more! She's just crazy and out there and fun. I love her fashion sense as well.

Andréa Matillano - She has the low down on all drugstore makeup for the most part. She is fabulous with cheaper makeup looks that look luxe! She is absolutely gorgeous and it really shows. She's is usually just straight beauty sometimes she throws in a planner video or something else, but she mostly sticks to makeup.

emilynoel83 - She has awesome reviews of all things makeup related. She is thorough with reviews as well. She lets you know everything about the product and how it measures up against other products as well.

Laura Reid - A cutting edge YouTuber who reminds me of myself. The clothes she wears together make really interesting outfits.

Emma Pickles - She has some interesting beauty videos that even have costume looks to them. She has an array of different kinds of beauty that she will do.

Jordan Bone - The girl is extraordinary! She paralyzed and her hands can only move certain ways, yet she can do a better winged eyeliner than me. She has fantastic beauty videos that are inspiring to watch!

TheBusyBeeBuzz - Before Jen from OrganizedJen became Pretty Neat Living, this was her beauty channel. She did reviews, Empties, favorites, and more dealing with beauty. She did her subscription boxes here as well. This is an archive channel now, so the content that is on here will never change.

leighannsays - Texas girl! She is quirky! Really quirky! But she is honest! Honest to the point that the bluntness almost cuts you! She is does hauls, reviews, tutorials, etc. She is hilarious too!

Lisa Eldridge - She is a professional. She does remarkable high quality videos on all things beauty. She does excellent coverage of the entire range of makeup. She makes sure you know the basics and the foundation of makeup. She was one of the first beauty channels I followed.

MakeupByTiffanyD - She is truly mostly beauty. She does do a few lifestyle posts which are mainly for fun. She has the cutest baby! She's gorgeous! Plus this girl is an Alabama fan!

Marnie Goldberg | MsGoldgirl - She is also like TiffanyD where she is mostly beauty, but throws in some lifestyle stuff. I like watching her for a more mature look and outlooks as well. It's a different perspective.

Style By Dani - A little bit of beauty and a whole lot of fashion! She has a great fashion sense when it comes to different clothes for different vacations. She has a positive outlook on a lot of things as well.

Tati - Tati's videos is something I look forward to being in my email every single day of the weekday! She has amazing videos. I can watch them easily while doing another task. I love her Tuesday tips. Her reviews and everything. She's honest to a fault too. She's a favorite!

Meredith Plans - Just starting out on YouTube but she has fabulous Erin Condren Layouts! I love her plan with me videos already!

PaperedLove - This is a planner channel. The weekly spreads that are done on this channel is phenomenal. I love how she decorates with stickers like I do.

In My Opinion - I came across her in the We Love EC Facebook for planners. I happened to watch one of her first plan with me videos and I liked it. She had an unique style for planning. Plus, she also talked about a few other things, but her planning videos rock!

Belinda Selene - She has a plethera of subjects she covers, but I mainly go to her for planner related things. She has such a unique way of doing things in her planner that I really like. She has great DIYs for your planner even!

polandbananasBOOKS - This girl is my favorite booktuber. She reads all over the spectrum. She has a wild personality that reminds me of my cousin. I love her wild trips that intertwine with her reading as well.

The Lizzie Bennet Diaries - Not 100% sure if she really counts as a Booktuber. She is hilarious. She does talk about books, but she has other things on her mind as well. That is the best way I can describe her! 

Mommy/Homeschool Vloggers

beingmommywithstyle - She's perfect! She's a huge Disney fan. Her house is a family full of girls. She has a Disney party of some sort a lot for her girls. I love her hauls, and her Disney talk of course!

AFarmhouseFull - Loves Jesus and has a housefull that also has almost as many kids as I do and homeschools! They have a great channel for learning all kinds of things.

emmacatherine09 - She actually is a lifestyle blogger really. But she is homeschooled and it's very interesting to see how she has a daily life with that instead of the high school students who go to school up there.

KelloggShow - A family that is huge that homeschools while touring the country. I love hearing about their adventures and where they are going and what they are doing.

HappilyAHousewife - I love watching her grocery hauls! She's just great and fun. She's a real mom with a real life. She has her quirks about her that sometimes can seem odd, but what mom doesn't. She's one of my favorite mom vloggers!


POPSUGAR Fitness - If you follow me on enough Social Media, you'll soon find out just how much I love the Popsugar company. We don't agree on everything in this world, but that's ok. I love this channel because it's perfect for travel. Plenty of videos to do while I am in a hotel with not much space and not wanting to go to the gym.

blogilates - This girl is amazing! I love her monthly program that you just have to have an email and you are in! She has a shop to buy things from as well. But she also has amazing workouts! And not just workouts either. She has fitness tips to help with the fitness and dieting.

Kym Johnson - DWTS's beautiful lady gone fitness! This is actually really intriguing from her. I have loved the snippets so far from this channel. I'm not sure about how well for fitness, but only time will tell. I will gladly share my experience with this later on down the road!

Tone It Up - Last but not least the program, I actually belong to for fitness. TIU has videos for you to do anywhere at anytime. I love this program for that reason because a lot of the content is free. If you are a paid member you do get more, but I like this program because of the flexibility the workouts and how easy they are to change up for the beginner or the advanced user.

Erin Condren - My favorite planner, their company YouTube channel. Before Erin Condren got so big they used to have really cute promotional videos. It was always exciting to see what they came up with. Now it's fun to learn more about the product itself.

iamthatgirl - A movement to help girls not only accept themselves but accept others too. Plenty of motivation videos to help you feel better about the world. It can also be motivation for you to change the world to something better as well.

Influenster - I am an Influenster. It's nice to see what boxes others are getting all while checking out the products I am getting as well. Even if you aren't an Influenster you can find tips and tricks also on this channel for your liking.


Jessica Upton - You should be aware of her! She has appeared in several of my posts.

Oddette Molyneux-Raposo - She's a very dear friend of mine. She used to blog, but has since taken some time off for family time.

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