Mini Currents 09. 17. 15

Today has had it's ups and downs today. I am feeling very overwhelmed at getting things together. It feels like the moment I have some peace and I'm ready to work on something, messenger goes off, group app goes off, the door bell rings, the dog barks, etc. I'm not complaining, I love my life but I'm drowning at the moment. And I'm even getting up earlier and I'm getting nowhere.

Ok enough with the negativity! I am really excited about this weekend. There are major events happening. One is the game Saturday! And then there are exciting in my family which I will post about tomorrow I'm sure.

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Favorite Beauty Product:

Favorite Hair Product:

Drybar Blonde Ale Brightening Cream

Favorite Food of the Day: 

Hoola Stir Fry

Favorite Song:

Favorite Line from the book I'm reading:


Favorite Pin I Found on Pinterest or Favorite YouTube Video of the day:

Favorite thing taking place in the future:


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