August 2015 Favorites & Lookback

Hello Everyone else! 

It's been a wonderful month, August has! Two Disney trips, and whole lot of other things! The kids for starters began homeschooling full fledge again on August 10th. They are really loving it. 

MewMaw's flower that survived a tree and a storage building falling on them. They are blooming one last time.

gud Mango Moonbreeze Natural Nourishing Shampoo - The first four things on my list this month were given to me while I was on a trip this month. I was to test them out for the company.These products are fantastic, and not just for adults before kids as well. The smell reminds me of kids shampoo that I used as a child. This is a company by Burt's Bees. The shampoo really got my hair clean on quick rinses!

gud Mango Moonbreeze Natural Softening Conditioner - The conditioner was still awesome, but it wasn't as good as the shampoo. I still loved it, don't get me wrong, but I liked the shampoo more.

gud Natural Body Wash, Mango Moonbreeze - This probably the product I have used the most besides the lotion which I will talk about in a minute. This feels really good on the skin and just makes you feel clean and refreshed.

gud Natural Body Lotion, Mango Moonbreeze - This is the most used product out of the four that was given to me! It isn't greasy! It absorbs into the skin and it smells fantastic. It actually really gets into the skin am moisturizes! So this was a real win for me!

Dionis Lotion Pumpkin spice - I originally just had the tube of this and after I loved it so much and raved about it so much, my fiance went back and bought me the pump of it. Oh how I love this. Two funny stories have happened because of this lotion and me wearing it all the time. One was we were in Target checking out and the cashier (who was already very hyper) starts sniffing and saying she smells coffee. I asked her if it was a caramel and pumpkin smell and she was like "Do you have coffee?" I told her no it was my lotion. She asked me what kind of coffee it was and I told her it was lotion. The other story was my coworker started cleaning up her office trying to figure out where she had split coffee because she claimed she had been smelling on and off. I didn't think it was me (This happened before the Target incident) and I was sitting in a different office and she came in there was like "Omg I smell it in here too." That's when we realized it was me. Hey atleast I smell good!

Starlooks Luxe Longwear Eye Liner Pen - When I can write my name with a eye liner pen perfectly-- I'm in love! I love this so much that it took the place of my Stila pen. It has fantastic pigmentation. This is a real winner!

MAYBELLINE Dream Bouncy Blush Plum Wine - I had heard mixed reviews on this product. Some loved it and some hated it. But I was too curious to listen to the nay sayers-- And I'm glad I didn't pay them any attention. I had to get used to applying it but I adore this blush! It's just the perfect color too! I love it and plan to get it in more colors!

Aldi's Baker Treat Mini Chocolate Muffins - The above picture is what the box loos like when you buy these delicious bites! I love these for snacks and for a quick breakfast. The kids adore them!

Milani Fierce Foil Eyeshine - This are so much more affordable than Stila's foil eyeshadows. Sure these have more fallout but these are so much more shimmery! I love these for a pop of shine and color! They can really make any eye


I'm still hung up on Lindsey Sterling


The Great Christmas Bowl - Book Your Mom Loves (Popsugar Challenge

Where Are the Children? - Popular Author's first book


A Busy Woman's Guide to Prayer: Forget the Guilt and Find the Gift

And as always here is my look back in my planner for the month of August! Enjoy!

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