Disney Day 6: RunDisney Princess Half Marathon and Downtown Disney

You want to know what me got ready for the 1/2 Marathon? The song in the video above and my friend +Jessica. The song gave me great power anthem and Jessica kept giving me words of encouragement.

When we last left off I was unable to sleep before the race. I finally managed to doze off because of a headache. It was a restless sleep but I did get rid of the headache. I was up and back awake in no time. My friend's mom stopped by at like 2:30 A.M. and gave me a flower pin. It's for the group called Fellow Flowers. I got the white ones that's for the dreamers.

I felt so nervous. I just kept downing water. Yes it was keeping me hydrated it was also keeping me from throwing up. The messages started to pour in on Facebook. It made me feel a little bit braver each time. 

Jessica was there for me through all of the nerves though. Vin just kind of let me be through the whole morning. Jessica, however, was a lot of my backbone. We made jokes about the ex we have in common. I want to thank him right now. Honestly, without him "ruining" my life I wouldn't have the wonderful people around me that I do. It wasn't ruining my life it was putting pressure on it to make things better. Which was like the comment that my cousin left me....

We get away with talking about diamonds all the time because we are Alpha Delta Pi's and we live by diamond symbols. I felt better and better with all the encouragement that people kept giving me. I was so nervous but things got so much better piece by piece. 

The TV in the room was nice enough to remind me about the race. It was pretty cool knowing that I was going to be running something that was on the Disney TV. I just stared at it as I ate the meal Disney provided for us that requested it.

 I was excited when we started to leave. I took my phone off the charger and left. On the ride over there I was cold. I had everything I would need for after the race in my plastic bag to hand over to the Disney castmember. 

Jessica was hilarious and was awesome at getting me to loosen up before the run. She kept me laughing. She kept telling to pretend that certain people were at the finish line. Or my favorite... Pretending our ex was chasing me. I literally laughed out loud when she said that. She also sent me Ryan Gosling. Ryan Gosling, Ian Somerhalder, Jake Richardson, Luke Bryan, or Jake Gyllenhaal would have been fine with me.

When we got there I started stretching with my friends. My best friend's fiance, Chris, who is also one of my best friend looked at me as I loaded my body up with more friction stick rubbing. He grinned with one of his dumb smiles and asked him why he was grinning. He told me to be glad I wasn't a guy. I asked him why and he turned me around and pointed to a wife putting tape over her husband's nipples. Apparently chafing nipples is an issue for male runners. I have been running with Chris for almost a year and never wondered why he wore tape under his shirt on his chest. Chris does a lot of weird things so I didn't think about it too much.

Our group gathered together really quick. Gene prayed over us. I kissed Vin bye and kissed my half sleeping princesses. I texted my daddy and then set my phone to fitness, pictures, and music. I hugged my pregnant friend Bre, who was running the race. She was terribly excited and I was starting to realize that I couldn't back out anymore. 

One of the highlights of running the race was getting to meet Miss America! 

 I checked in and went to the restroom. I took three more gulps of water and then took my place. The Deejays had use doing the group dancing to loosen us up. I was glad for it. 

I started look around... 24,000 people and one race. My nerves started getting the best of me. Jessica reminded me of one reason why I wanted to run this in the first place. I was sick and tired of hearing about my ex's mom's friend. Big freaking deal at the triathlons you have done bitch. I wanted to shove it down their throats that I was more than a freaking pretty face. The more I thought about that the more pumped I got. 

I started losing my nervousness. I remember my cousin/stepsister Mary Ann screaming "FUJ!" I snorted at that because I knew that it was only my crew that would know what that meant.  Vin added these words of encouragement as we watched soldier wish his wife good luck even thought he was deployed and it was also her birthday. They kept warning us that we were running in yellow conditions. Basically telling us that it was going to be hot as heck. It was 68 degrees and the sun wasn't even thinking about being up. We listened to sponsors and Miss America.....

Then everything was turned over to the Fairy Godmother. And I started shaking like a leaf. She told us that there would be magic words and then count backwards. She asked if we were ready and then it started.  "Salagadoola menchicka boola.... Three... Two... One..."

This was my view from where I was standing when they told us to go. I cranked up my music and flexed one last time. And I was gone.

I had to take this as I passed under it because it felt incredible to know I was doing something that so many are afraid that they can't do. I started out small, but past many people.

Vin's view of them sending us off with a bang.

I just basically cruised to my music. These are the songs that I picked for this specific half marathon. I didn't use these songs for the 10K:

  1. This Is How We Roll ~ FLGA Line with Luke Bryan
  2. Roar ~ Katy Perry
  3. The Monster ~ Eminem with Rihanna 
  4. Ocean ~ Hillsong (This was my beginning pace song)
  5. Titanium ~ David Guetta 
  6. Brave ~ Sarah Bareilles 
  7. The Phoenix ~ Fall Out Boy
  8. Dream On ~ Aerosmith
  9. If Today Was Your Last Day ~ Nickelback
  10. Second Chance ~ Shinedown
  11. Supermassive Black Hole ~ Muse
  12. Kashmir ~ Led Zeppelin 
  13. Rain Is A Good Thing ~ Luke Bryan
  14. Live Like You Were Dying ~ Tim McGraw
  15. Timber ~ Pitbull with Ke$ha
  16. Want U Bad ~ Ke$ha and Travis McCoy
  17. Take It Off ~ Ke$ha
  18. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites ~ Skrillex
  19. Lolli Lolli Pop That Body ~ Three 6 Mafia
  20. Let it Go ~ Idina Menzel
  21. Thunderstruck ~ AC/DC with Alabama (video) ( Hehehe I had this for picking up with my pace up and boy did it!!! I knew this bad boy would pump me up because it does before the games!!!!! I LOVE MY RALLY ELEPHANTS!!!!! ) 

Trust me watching those elephants pushed me! I felt like I do before the Alabama games where that shaker is shaking so hard that it feels like it could come out of my hand, I'm jumping in my seat, and screaming and singing in my seat. I just love watching the war elephants! I think it may have something to do with tradition... You feel like you are apart of something greater. And I felt the same way during the marathon. I knew that I was going to do this. I passed the first mile marker. I was pumped but still taking my time. Then when the second mile marker was passed.... The rally elephants came out! GAME TIME!

I turned on the gas and started advancing on people. Most were starting to line up for character pictures. Characters wasn't what I came to this half marathon in mind for I want to prove myself to myself and to others.

I didn't know anyone around me and honestly that gave me some comfort. I knew that if I did I would do what runners call "sit on a shoulder." Basically you run with someone else's pace instead of finding your own pace.

I swear I don't really remember much about the miles between mile 2 and mile 5.

I have to admit seeing Flynn or Eugene made me smile and made me think of Chris and Vin and it gave a boost. I laughed when the woman was trying to get her picture with them and Flynn kept telling me I was hot. I told him it was because I had stolen a crown and didn't have a horse. The guy playing Flynn laughed and winked. I burned rubber after that. 

That's runDisney dude with big Mickey hands telling us which way to go. I appreciate you dancing.

I think from now on when I drive under this with a bus I will have more appreciation for it! It felt so invigorating to run underneath it instead of drive. I have more appreciation for that nice welcome sign.

The castle before the sun rises! I loved it. I did stop and meet Mickey and Minnie! I also did the signature castle run picture. I looked a sight honestly. I did a jump instead of a normal pose. 

Buzz greeting runners in Tomorrow Land. 

I hydrated at all the mile markers. I felt good. I loved all the signs from strangers. I believe my favorites were:
  • "May the Course Be With You"
  • "I'm Proud of You Perfect Stranger" - It almost brought tears to my eyes.
  • "You thought this said 'rum', Didn't you?"
  • "Hurry up Mommy! Daddy forgot to feed us!"
  • "You know you could have taken the monorail!"
  • "Hurry up Kelsey! My arms are tired from holding this sign!"
  • "I trained six months to hold this sign."
  • "No sleeping, beauty!"
  • "Smile if you aren't wearing underwear." - I completely snorted at this because of how true it is.
  • "Run like you need Fast Passes to Soarin!"
  • "The Kenyans already finished." - Another one that I totally snorted at.
  • "Run like Prince Charming just farted, Princess."
  • "You paid to do this remember?"
  • "WTF: Where's The Finish line?!!"
I think my moment that made me feel like a million bucks was when I seen Chris and Vin. My baby girl lifted her head off of Vin's shoulder and screamed "THAT'S MOMMY! GO MOMMY! LET IT GO!" Yep this girl teared up bad, ok fine I literally had a few tears roll down my cheeks. It was no longer about my dumb ex or his family. Rather it was about teaching about my little girl to face her fears and when the world says she can't she knows she has God to help through it and show the world that she can. I blew her kisses and pushed on. However, when I looked at Vin's and Chris's faces it was priceless. This was my fastest pace I have ever done in my life. 

See the line? Yeah that's why I didn't do characters. 

Passed the food mile marker? I think so! Only 5 more miles!

AWESOME SIGN!!!!!!! It made me think of my little Ray of Sunshine!

By mile 10 I was sweating so bad that if they would have let me I would have ran the rest of it naked. No joke. I already threw other inhibitions out the window. I think nudity should be next! Thank goodness I kept my sanity though!

He was singing to us and had a glass slipper!

This was another sign I freaking loved!

I remember passing the green army man but I was zoning everything out because I was starting to lose steam almost but I amped up my music and said a quick prayer. I didn't forget who gave me the ability to run this half marathon in the first place. 

Knowing the 13 mile marker was Frozen freaking epic!!!!!

When I started running the ball was in darkness. When I came back it was in foggness.... But the finish was so close that big golf ball. When I crossed that line I almost started crying again. I felt so many emotions at once. I felt relieved, exhausted, energized, sleepy, happy, and so many more. Honestly, I felt like my period was on the verge of coming. I wouldn't have been surprised honestly. I grabbed me a bottle of water and walked to get my bag after getting my medals. I think I could have hugged the woman.  

Hello water and nuun! My best friends! Well during a run. 

I flipped these bad boys for a picture!!!!

I was all of the sudden grabbed up up and spun around Vin! I kissed him all over his face and grabbed up my baby girl and kissed her while she screamed how proud she was of me. Then she wrinkled her nose and told me I stunk. 

When I seen Chris and he had two bags of ice I put my hand in and scooped out a handful and put it in my bra. I really didn't care. I dug in my bag and pulled out my frozen dish sponges and put them on my lower back and neck while I laid down. Vin was sweet enough to change my socks for me. Also while I was laying there on the cot Chris taped the ice to my knees. I kept telling myself wow I did.

Then the news hit me... I ran 13.1 miles in less than an hour and half. I had stunned my own self. I walked to get my reserved massage from the experts. I stopped to go to the bathroom first. Btw a tip to future runner take your own toilet paper or do what I did take Always wipes. Port-a-potties run out toilet paper a lot. I toweled myself over with a wipe too. I brushed my hair and added more deodorant. I went for my massage and it was way too short. 

When I left I seen my friend's mom Elizabeth. She had finished before me, naturally since she is a body builder. I seen my friend +Genevieve  and I seen my pregnant friend +Breanna and their cousin Claudette. But I didn't see my cousins Kayleigha, +Mary Ann  or my best friend +Odette. Chris was fit to be tied that pregnant Bre had beat Odette. When she crossed the finish line he let her have it which I thought was kind of funny because everyone talks about how they want Chris has a boyfriend. Don't get me wrong Chris is one of my best friends but no way would I date him. He will read this and understand. 

All of the sudden everyone was pouncing on me telling me what a fantastic job I had done. However, I didn't see my cousin Carolina or my childhood best friend Edwin. I let it go though. I was amazed to found out that I was the 61st to finish the race. Yes little me out of 24,000 people finished 61st! 

I didn't care that Edwin wanted to tote me to the bus. I literally fell asleep on him on the bus ride back to the room. He said that he had never been so proud of someone in his life and he really meant it. It made me smile. When we got to the resort I insisted that I walk so I didn't injury myself. When I opened the door there was balloons everywhere and I cried even more. Carolina attacked me. Edwin all of the sudden threw me over his shoulder and carried me into the bathroom with the whirlpool. And there was heaven on earth that day. An ice bath! 

Vin got at my feet and too off my shoes and they slowly lowered me into it. Vin held my upper body out of the tub. I think I gripped his arms insanely tight when I first hit the water. Yes I got in that water with my clothes. It pre-washes the sweat out. Ice bathes reduces pain and swelling by more than 20%. Vin let me soak for ten minutes holding onto his arms so I wouldn't let my upper get too cold which can be bad for your heart. Carolina brought in heated towels and he hauled me out of the tub. 

I started rolling my feet with a frozen water bottle ice insert. You know the cheap ice cylinder things to freeze and put in your water bottle? Yup they work great on aching feet! I then grabbed a shower and washed my hair. I moussed the crap out of it because no way was I styling it any other way. 

Vin grinned at me when he came in and saw me laying in yoga capris and a tank top. He sat on the edge of the bed and told me to close my eyes. I did and when I opened them I had three roses. Each with a Mickey head in the petals. 

Now if you are like Mary Ann you would have gotten pissed that he didn't give me a dozen but he gave me one for each medal I earned during the weekend. 

I did doze off for a little bit while the big sweetheart rubbed my shoulders, back and legs with Stress Relief Bath and Body Works lotion. When I woke up someone had covered me up a little but had used my towel roll to pack ice packets on me. I highly recommend those from Glitzy Glam for travel and for work outs! I'll link them here; Towel Roll.

I was starving. I had been living off of bananas, oatmeal and plain chicken. Vin laughed at me when I told him I wanted some meat and fating food. I changed into some bootcut yoga pants since I was putting on my compression socks. I threw on running shirt and my medals. We decided that we would go to Downtown Disney since I got a discount with my medals. 

Vin insisted I wear my knee ice braces again. I put them on after putting on my make-up. Vin carried me out with Rain laughing the whole way. We went to Downtown Disney and I got to meet the girl that finished the half marathon first. She broke the previous record by six minutes! Kim Smith was super nice! I also met a woman that had run behind me during the half marathon. She is on chemo for breast cancer and she is doing all of the Disney races. It was super cool and inspiring to meet them both! 

Afterwards we basically shopped until we dropped. Rain and I loved getting new socks and different things. I did enjoy some alcohol! Not going to lie it felt great and tasted even better.

We had supper at Earl of Sandwiches. I kept getting choked on my food because Vin kept singing "My Private Movie" in my ear. I kept blushing and giggling.

We got back to the room about 10 and honestly I remember that I fell asleep on the bus. I don't remember anything beyond that. I finally hit exhaustion. 

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