Fresh Start Challenge Day 28: Respect the Polygon and...

Snow Ice Cream and never shout Fire in a retirement building!

I am OCD to the point I almost want to write CDO because I am that paranoid with things being a certain way. When it comes to being prepared I am even more organized. However, through the internet I realized I am not alone.

Let's start with a house fire:

I back up all computer files twice a day. You think I am joking but I'm not. It's then stored online secured.
This way in the event of a fire. I grab one box and my fire bag and we can run out the door.

I have a room with backpacks that each have the same items inside.

-Emergency Binder

Each family member has their own. We check smoke detectors each month and go over the escape routes with the girls as well as dialing 911 from any and all phones.

To count down on house fire. Vin and I both can control the house's power from our phones. I can shut off power to certain rooms in a matter of touching the screen.

Snow Preparedness

I have a kerosene heater (it actually came in handy the last snow we had in Huntsville.)

I have several different ways of cooking without power from propane grill, wood grill, and charcoal grill.

I also have a camping stove too.

I have plenty of battery powered candles and rechargeable candles as well.

Finally have two generators as well for back up if the power goes out.

A Tv is that is battery powered with antennae.

I have a menu that's 7 days without power.

As for tornadoes: 

I have a FEMA certified safe room.

I have one of the larger rooms that has a micro bathroom with it as well.

I have the room set into four section. When you first enter to your left is a wall with a TV attached and laminated maps on the wall. There is a container on wheels which houses documents for our family as well as batteries and extra chargers and knives and money.

Beyond that to left is the small bathroom. Beside the door to the bathroom on the other wall is the pet area where I have cages for all the animals.

I have a couch with a trundle underneath. That way if it's a long night with the kids they have somewhere to sleep. In the corner is what looks to be a normal tall coffee table. Nope it's not. It houses about 4 different guns with safe locks.

On the next wall is another couch this time with fold out bed. I have some lounge chairs folded up beside that. Then I have some shelving where I have water supply on the bottom and In Case of Emergency bags for all animals and humans in my house that live there.

In the next corner is where I keep a few baby supplies. With Luna and our friends having babies I do that. 

And on the last wall is supplies, from blanket, pillows, crank radios, flashlights, handheld fans, and plenty of food storage. I restock it everything in two month increments if we haven't already used something. I have everything from 3 day food kits, to canning butter (yes butter!) to canning apples!

The Emergency Binder is part of my Binder series in the future. Check back soon for that.

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