I Told Him I Got A Plan and I'm Gonna Dominate

I'm always ready to party!

Yes the guy in the pink wig is in fact Tommy Lee from Mötley Crüe. He dressed in drag as Bonnie McKee herself. Which is why I love Bonnie so much. We wouldn't have a lot of songs without her! 

Pretty sure I love Tommy Lee even more, if possible,and I never thought that was possible!

"A goal without a plan is just a wish." - Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

The person who doesn't know where his next dollar is coming from usually doesn't know where his last dollar went.

It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan. - Eleanor Roosevelt

To be prepared is half the victory. - Miguel de Cervantes

My very first post ever on this blog was with my Erin Condren planner. I have had two different Erin Condren planners now. On June 12th I ordered my third one! I love her other products as well. I use the Lesson Planner and the her business cards at work.

The reason why I am so excited this time about my planner is because all of my friends are planning with me this time. Plus, I have so much more to keep track of these days. I used to think that like on campus was hectic but my adult life is proving that college life was just preparing me.

I am a weirdo that has a plan for my planner written down in my Moleskin notebook. You can see the inside below in my pen section of buys for the planner. I have been so excited about this planner arriving that I couldn't contain myself and literally planned out my planner and it's uses for my life.

I can use my planner for:

School - I am still going to school because I love to learn and I will probably go all of my life. I know I can use the planner to keep track of due dates, test dates, and homework. Not to mention I can keep classmates information if I need to call them about a problem if I cannot get in touch with the instructor. Also I can keep track of labs, study sessions, and what time and where study groups take place.

Work -

  • Daycare - Being a director of daycare being organized is key to keeping it successful. I can keep track of meetings, seminars, and deadlines. Also being a teacher I can keep track and coordinate between my Life Planner and my lesson planner. Plus keep reminders of field trips and parent meetings.
  • Stock - I do like to keep track of my investments. I enjoy it a lot and seeing where it goes. 
  • Travel agent - In the winter when my travel agent business takes flight as a Disney travel agent I can easily keep track of paper work to have and phone calls to make. 
  • Disney - I do work for Disney. I need to be able to plan for business trips and meetings. Not to mention D23 meetings and DVC meetings.
  • Business Owner - I go to some of the CEO meetings with the real estate company I am a partner of in that business. I also need to know when I can travel for that job as well.
  • ITA - I do a lot of public speaking talking to teachers. From recommendations to ideas and inspiration.
Blog - I was going to put this under work since I do get paid for blogging. However, blogging isn't a job to me. I love to blog (not that I don't love my jobs). Blogging helps me get excited about my life. It helps me express my true self. Plus it helps me be creative with my friends. I can keep up with post ideas, reminders and project ideas.

Bills - I pay bills online for the most part and many times it comes straight out of my account with an email reminder. To remind myself which bills are auto paid on certain day I have cute stickers for reminders. Not to mentions reminders to pay the paper bills too!

Exercise - I love to keep track of my exercises to be able to show healthcare physicians when they ask what I have been doing. This will help me when I go to them about my blood sugar and seizures. They even have exercise stickers to place in the planner.

Health - Vitamins & hydration are my daily things I will keep up with in my planner. Also self breast exams now that I am at that age. But also eye doctor, dentist, dermatologist, gynecologist, and the regular doctor for myself. I can also keep up with the girls and Vin's appointments like that as well.

Beauty - I am notorious for depending on phone calls for beauty appointments. I am hoping that writing them down will stop the need for calls like that. I will have everything from waxes, hair cuts, coloring, and weaves to pedicures and manicures.

Meals - I am not a normal mom. I am not one to just plan out supper. That gets on my nerves with printables online. I like one where I can plan out three meals and a snack. I have seen some that you can buy and snap in but honestly I would rather make my own.

Sorority - When you are sister for life, you keep up with your sisterhood life forever! I can easily remember weddings, parties, birthdays, and other events from my sisters. Not to mention our alumni meetings.

Social - Sporting events, concerts, grocery shopping, Girls Night In, parties, showers? I have to remember these things just like the other things. I am super excited about this. Everything in one spot.

Children - Play-dates, reminders, and milestones. Also pregnancy and trying to conceive will also be in the planner as well.

Wedding - I am getting married THIS December and I am still debating about getting a wedding planner. But I will still keep up with the bigger dates in this as well.

I bought mine right after they went on sale June 12th at midnight. I bought one planner, one cover, pen holder, extra band, and coil clips.

Below are just a few things I will be purchasing for my planner life!!! Enjoy!

Orla Kiely Garden Weekender - Perfect for holding all of my planner needs. I am totally loving this already for my planners. 

Walnut Desk Organizer for Your Planner, Pens, and Washi Tape - I am seriously considering getting two of these. One for my bar and one for beside my bed. It's like a mini desk each time! Omg I am in love with this!

Mickey Mouse Keep Calm Charm Pendant - Totally don't need this but I love it so much.

Frozen inspired An Act Of True Love Will Melt A Frozen Heart - Perfect for my planner.

Disney/Pixar Sticky Notes - Disney sticky notes!!! SIGN ME UP!!!!

Pen Set 20 ea Black Fine Staedtler - I already bought these in preparations for my planner.

Disregard my god awful 2 AM handwriting!

Le Pen 18 Color Set - I already have some other pens but I think I will keep a set for on the go.

Lil' Elephant Paper Clips - Roll Tide! 

Weekly Pregnancy Stickers  - This is happening really really soon so I will need these! I am so excited about this now!

Tiny sticker for your schedule - I love these for appointment and things like that I don't need to write out and take up space!!!

Vinyl & Mesh Pouch Translucent - Jessica and I had been talking about a water proof pouch for our Life Planners so we can take them into the park with us.

Stamps - Starbucks coffee stamp (perfect for coffee meetings), Jar with initials (Canning parties at church), Week and Weather stamp set,

Stickers - Golden Girls 16 pcs 3D Circle Clear Epoxy StickersCute Animal Sticky NotesKorean Cute Animals Sticky Notes Markers To-do ListDeer head stickerBaby's First Year/Milestone Stickers

Washi Tape - Kids animal washi tape seriesMAGIC MEMORIESWinter Snowflakes Washi TapeRed and White Houndstooth Washi TapeWashi Tape Roll - Houndstooth, Black & WhiteRuler Washi TapeColorful Snowflake Washi TapeWashi Tape Religious ThemedGiveBigTape// Kawaii Mickey n Minnie,

Martha Stewart Home Office™ with Avery™ Removable Color-Coding Labels, 7 Assorted Colors, 84/Pack - I am super excited about using these for different things. 

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