June Popsugar Must Have

You Smell Lemon Verbena Aloe Wet Wipes - I love this scent! I am really excited about having these for the days I spend in the park because they have aloe in them as well. I believe these will be good for me and good for the girls. I can just toss these into whatever bag I am using and I don't mind one bit.

The One & Only by Emily Giffin - I love Emily Giffin and love they PS included this in here. I am just thrilled to get a book. I enjoy good books.

One Potato, Two Potato Hawaiian BBQ Chips - I had these with supper last night. PopSugar packed these under the book in their own little cardboard case so there was no chance of them getting smashed which I thought was very smart thinking this month! They were delicious!

Native Union Gift Card - This is probably my favorite thing in the box! I am wanting of the Gripsters for my iPad so bad I can just taste it! I love the design of that case and the functions it has! That is what I will be spending my gift card on now.

Lollies Basics Hair Ties - LOVE. These would be cute as a bracelet or a hair tie! And since I typically have a hair tie on my wrist I will be using them for both purposes.

Sachajuan Shiny Citrus Body Lotion -The scent on this one is a lot lighter than I was anticipating and I like it a lot. Like a lot a lot. I cannot wait to use this more and more!

Turkish T Mykonos Breeze Towel - I am just getting into turkish towels and love the color and stripes on this one. I believe I will use it as a sarong at the water parks or on the beach at the new beach house.

And like always now, my best friend received her box as well. She is loving her subscription and I am loving the fact it's a new key to our friendship! To see her opinions and first impression of the box contents! Just click her banner below!

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