Fresh Start Challenge Day 27: Happy Happy Happy

My first trip to Disney World was when I was still inside my mom. She went to Disney World when she was 6 months pregnant with me. She returned to the most magical place on earth 5 months later with me cradled in her arms. I was given the love for this place very early in life.

My parents both love Disney World and went as kids themselves. They tried their hardest to take me every year of me growing up. My dad has a fireproof box that shows me growing up beside Mickey Mouse. It's a magical thing to people and to myself. 

People don't realize how much Disney World means to me. Sure I get glazed over when you ask me Disney World questions and I can spit out an answer so fast your head will spin. But why is it so important to me?

I took my first steps at Disney. I toddled over to Peter Pan. Peter Pan told my parents I was the cutest little fairy. Thus, was born me being called Tinker Bell. Tinker Bell became a huge part of my life after that. Each Disney trip I wanted to ride the Peter Pan's flight. Which is one of the most sought out rides at Disney World. 

When I had the chicken pox? I got them at Dinsey! I had to stay in the room for a few days all splotchy so I wouldn't get other kids sick. I remember my dad going to get me the special cups to drink out of while I was sick.

Taking dance as a small child our dance studio did Disney to Disco! It was hilarious because my dance class did Minnie Mouse costumes and danced to Mickey Mouse Club theme music. The year after we were The Little Mermaid. The dance studio took a trip to Disney World together and we got to perform then.

Disney grew with me. Animal Kingdom opened in 1998. We went the October after it opened. It was amazing! I was so excited to see the animals. 

In 2001, when 9/11 hit that knocked out my class getting to go to the capital. Where did my class go? To Disney World! We had learning seminars and it was awesome! I still remember those classes like it was yesterday. I remember the hilarious bus ride from Atlanta to Orlando because we couldn't get a flight into Orlando or Miami for some reason. I still have tshirt that I wear from that trip too. That shirt is now over 12 years old and doesn't have any holes! 

I have memories of the Golden Girl's house lit up for Christmas when it was on the backlot tour. It makes me smile realizing how special and important that house is to me now unlike back then when I thought it was just another house. 

I still have a collection of guidebooks about Disney World. Many of these are completely outdated and useless because Disney World literally changes monthly. Heck even daily! I kept three of these over time. It reminds me not to take the internet for granted and to see how much Disney World has changed. Plus I like to look at how my 13 and 14 year old self planned a Disney Trip. I cannot believe how badly I used to want to stay at the Contemporary Resort.

Disney Magic has always been with me. Even during the hard times of my family's life. When my parents separated they agreed we would still do Disney World together. There was a time when our family needed a dryer to dry our clothes and back then my family wasn't so well off. What did my family do? We hung our clothes out on the line in 30 degree weather just so we could go to Disney World instead of getting a dryer. 

When I was junior in high school I was in musical theater, guess who's school was asked to sing at Disney Candlelight Processional? Mine. I was over ecstatic! However the day before performing I managed to get shinsplints and tendinitis in my ankle. I had to ride around in a wheelchair which sucked but did manage to score us in the shorter handicap line. I still performed both shows except on the last show my foot was killing me and I was crying as I walked off the stage. 

Disney changed even more and Mickey's ToonTown was torn down in Magic Kingdom not long after that trip with my high school. That was where you could tour characters' homes and things like that. I understand why they tore that down even though it was super cute! Standing in a long line isn't nearly as fun as having more rides and more attractions like now.

I have went to Disneyland. I went with my mom who was a D23 member and though I still had an amazing time (this was before Cars Land) it wasn't Disney World. I did enjoy the rush of excitement seeing where Walt himself stood and walked. It was a rush of excitement for me.

When I was in a sorority at UA the sisters and I took a trip to Disney World. We had a blast. It was fun to just let go and be free and have the fun we wanted to have as kids that our parents wouldn't let us do. We hugged and laughed.

Graduating college came with a Disney Magic Moment for me. My parents gave me a pearl necklace. But these pearls came from Disney. In Japan in Epcot you can pick the mollusk you want them to slice open from the tank and you get to keep the pearl inside. My mom and dad bought a pearl for every trip I had took in my life up until that moment and it made a necklace. It is gorgeous and I love it.

Disney Magic happens a lot from holding Bryant while Wishes is going on. To random trips with Aunt Charlene and the girls. To odd trips with mom.

But most of all it's Disney Magic that holds me together during difficult times. Being at Disney World or planning a trip brightens any day for me. Getting out the Disney binder and planning trips with friends and family just makes me blossom and hyper. 

Look in the front seat it's Jessica and Nate. With Frankie and MIA behind them!

More and more Disney Magic Moments happen from engagements like Odette's and MIA's to dream jobs and excitement.

One of my latest DMM is seeing my own little girls faces light up with the sights and amazement of Disney! It makes me feel like a child again. It gives me goosebumps in 110 degree weather. I hope I pass the love of this magical place on. I can always wish. Because that's where the magic lives! 

Make a wish, and do as dreamers do (just do as dreamers do)
Make a wish! 
(Wishes!) Dream a dream! 
(Wishes!) Cross your heart! 
And your wish...will...come...true!

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