Fresh Start Challenge Day 29: Dancing in the Street

Mrs. Winthrop was peeking out of her window again. She had just moved into the high security neighborhood. She had been wondering how she would fit in. She was a retired kindergarten teacher and was a widow.

She knew she shouldn't be looking out the window so much but her neighbors intrigued her. It made her think of her days of being freshly out of college and married starting off their family. She looked over at the table where a basket of goodies and about 8 different greeting cards sat from her neighbors.

"One more peek." She thought. This time she seen a family with tiny little brunette girl pushing a babydoll stroller and her purple hair mom telling her to watch the curb. The dad was scribbling on a notepad watching every so often to make sure his daughter was okay. "I believe they said he was a pastor. Oh he is so young to be a pastor." Mrs. Winthrop mused to herself.

A few days later the lonely widow decided she would peek again. She had awoke from a nightmare and she found amazing that someone else could be up at this hour. This time it was a different family. In fact it was two of the families at the end of the street. Both women had jogger strollers and were in complete running outfits. The men were only wearing shorts and the sight of both of them made her breath hitch.

Mrs. Wintrhrop was amazed at how fast one of the moms and one of the dads took off running leaving the others behind jogging and pushing the stroller. She made herself some coffee and was alarmed when she saw another couple emerged from the very last house. This time it was just the woman in running gear she had about 5 different dogs on leashes. That family followed behind the other one. She smiled as she realized how amazing the families were.

Mrs. Winthrop was coming home from picking up some groceries. She pulled up and discovered that her grass has been mowed while she was gone. She had been planning on paying her grandson to come do that but he always came up with an excuse why he couldn't come do it. She went through her front door, but as she turned the key in the door she noticed an envelope taped to the door. Mrs. Winthrop opened the envelope. Inside was a handmade card. All it said was "Random Act of Kindness, Love the McLachlans."

Mrs. Winthrop smiled as she placed it on her mantel with the rest of the cards she had received from her neighbors. She knew the couple this card was from because she had watched them pulled up the other day. The wife was trying to get the baby out of the back and the husband popped her on the bottom and the child was trying to lift groceries out of the car to help. It had made the older laugh to herself watching the younger couple secretly (or so they thought) show affection.

Many night later Mrs. Winthrop woke up again this time she heard something outside. She hobbled over to her bedroom window. She was amazed to see the couples from all the families were in the cul-de-sac dancing and slowly stripping down to their underwear and just having just a fantastic time. She was blushing to herself. At first she was offended and the more she watched the more she realized these couples were just having a good time and having some down time from being parents.

She was scanning the group one more time when she saw the fully naked couple. She was startled at first then she just chuckled. "Just let her shake that body while she still has it." Mrs. Winthrop closed her curtains and smiled. "I love this neighborhood. I believe I will introduce myself in person tomorrow instead of watching through a glass pane from now on."

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