Fresh Start Challenge Day 30: Never Grow Up

Dear Blondie;

You kept up the hard work and trust me it pays off. You really did live a full life and nothing was wasted. Sure you don't date but trust me it is really paid off not dating. People around you suffered and you didn't have to. And complaining about mom? Totally worth it. She turned out to be a two faced witch. Little brother situation? Well Bryant is really sick. Don't worry we are getting him better. Things are working themselves out.

Dear Elsa;

Look at you! Business woman with kids! You work for the place you love and also at a place that loves you. You have accomplished so many dreams and conquered so many things you never dream you would have conquer. Stay creative. Remember the Lion doesn't lose sleep over the sheep.

Dear Future me;

You are still remarkable! You keep on holding your head up high. Never look at back except to see far you have come. Trust me it's easier to face the road ahead once you see how just far you have come. Keep smiling and we got this. All we need is to let it go and have faith and trust and just a little bit of pixie dust!

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