Surprise Trip!

When we got off of the plane from Australia the guys were waiting on us with open arms. And as a surprise they took us to.....................

Disney World

I know most people who know me are freaking out. "What about your Disney things?!" Well Vin is amazing is my answer to that. We did drive back to Huntsville the following morning after landing in Atlanta and swapped out luggage so that's where my luggage comes in. Also keep in mind that I love using the Orlando's Owner's Locker. I love this service for keeping products in Orlando from my return trips. 

This was basically like most trips. That's why there wasn't pictures taken on this trip. There were a few but I prefer to keep those private. I am only writing this because I wanted to keep it documented the times at Disney World with Vinny. I am sorry if this was a let down. But if you read my currents from now on. You will see a daily Disney picture. That is what I can do to make up for lack on our April trip.

Here are a few that I did manage to take during our stay at the Grand Floridian Villas.

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