"Stay Out of the Damn Lakes"

Each morning I'm ready to go:

I have my coffee in my hand. My breakfast plates are washed. My child is buckled up in the car and I have put both of our bags in the back. Sunglasses are put into place by me and I swish some SPF lip balm onto my lips. Next step? Get my phone....

Apple Folder - *Tap*
Podcast App - *Tap*
Dis-Uplugged - *Tap*

What is DIS Unplugged? Well it's a talk show basically about, well, Disney World. Sometimes Orlando even though they have their own set show. There is also a Disneyland version as well. Yes, yes I know a lot about Disney World. Even more yes, I read countless blogs and articles daily about Disney World. I even work at Disney World. So why listen?

These are people that have the love of the Disney Company like I do. It's a strong love with all of them yet they all have different views and takes on each park. But one thing remains, Disney Love.

This podcast is one of the things that has really made me happy in the last few months. Below is the video podcast you can watch. The Podcast and the video podcast are uploaded at the same time. It's great to watch or just listen. I watch it if I am off and at home. I will listen to it if I am going to work or on break.


There are two parts to each show. One part is housekeeping, news, and rapid fire. That really means they have different little news pieces that they all talk about. The other segment is a topic that they pick out and discuss. It's wonderful to listen to all the time. I highly recommend listening to this. They give great advice and great tips and tricks. Yes this can be time consuming. I drive, clean the house, and do many other things while listening to this. 

In my opinion this is one of the best Disney Podcasts out there. I support them completely with a lot of what they say and do. I feel like they are really up front and honest with you about things in concern with the park and that's what you really want. You don't want someone that is going to tell you that all the restaurants are amazing. You want an honest opinion.

The reason this post is title "Stay Out of the Damn Lakes" is because that's what the host says at the end because of the Disney lakes!

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