Couple's Christmas Bucket List

Thanks to watching Christmas movies all of my life, I believe that winter is the most romantic time of the year. Not necessarily the Christmas season, because I believe there is a reason that Valentine's Day is in the winter months as well. And I feel like couples should really take stock in the winter season for romantic moments.

Vinny and me  decided to do a couple's bucket list for Christmas. I really like how it turned out.

This list took some time but was made with our personalities in mind. I have included an asterisk (*) to imply that we did the item listed in the 2016 season.

  • Have a dapper Christmas night
  • String popcorn and berries for an outside tree*
  • Have a gingerbread house building contest*
  • Make a list of Christmas movies to watch every year* (I'll blog this next year!)
  • Share Christmas list responsibilities to make it easier on each other*
  • Go ice skating
  • Buy all the toys we think are neat for Toys for Tots*
  • Wrap presents together*
  • Go to a Christmas parade together*
  • Play the piano together and sing carols*
  • Tickle fight in the snow or fake snow*
  • Go on a carriage ride
  • Kiss under the mistletoe*
  • Decorate a tree together*
  • Do a Christmas craft together
  • Send Christmas cards together*
  • Create a Christmas Eve tradition
  • Talk about past Christmas traditions
  • Stay in our pajamas all day
  • Try a new soup recipe*
  • Buy a pair of ridiculous slippers to wear through winter.
  • Have a winter photo shoot*
  • Vision board together** We plan on doing this.
  • Board game night
  • Go for long walks at night*
  • Make indoor smores*
  • Holiday Music dance party
  • Read the Bible together*
  • Have a picnic by the Christmas tree*
  • Go to a local Christmas festival
We will probably add more to this next year. What would you suggest we add? We enjoy suggestions.

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