Winter At Disney World

People are weird about their vacation weather. I am a person who is hot natured so I enjoy a good cold and cloudy day. Or give me a freezing day with sun shine! That's just me. So what about Florida in winter? Will you need a coat? Can you wear shorts?

I fully understand I am the only person that hopes it's cool when I go to Florida. That's alright, I get it that most people (most of them being too young or too old) think that when you go to Florida it should be 70-90 degrees. Not me, which is why I love Florida in the winter! Because they have cold snaps!


December is still pretty warm. Mostly 70s to 80s. There are cold snaps, (like the one at the end of the week when I am suppose to be there!!) and such. It can get chilly on nights in December. It doesn't get too cold though in December. You'll have a day here or there in December, but the next day will be back to 70s and mid and upper 80s.


Some of the coldest weather I have ever experienced in Florida was during January. It was actually record colds in 2012. It was so cold we had to buy another layer. However, I have been in January again, but it wasn't as cold. But it was still cold. From, what I've experienced and heard from locals, January is your coldest month in and around Orlando.


February is almost like December. There is some heat waves and then cold snaps. Again, the chilly nights are prominent again. They have warmer weather, because I have ran the Princess Marathon weekend and it gets close to 80s by the end of the day. We have have spent many trips in Disney World during February and they have all had different temps so it is up in the air for early spring breakers.


This is when spring really starts, but they have been known to have cold snaps in March. There are several vloggers who went to Disney World a few years ago and were freezing. It was very cold and that was in the middle of March. So while it might be time for spring break, pack a few cold weather clothing just in case or be prepared to buy. But yes, March is when things start to heat back up in Disney World.

Basically if you are traveling to Disney World during late November to March pack a light jacket just to be on the safe side. And if it is a cold snap, Disney will put warmer wear out for you to buy. But just to be on the safe side hoodie, sweater, or jacket.

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