Merry Christmas!

Today has been an interesting Christmas Day! But you know what despite the more darker moments, we are grateful for the Christmas that the Lord gave us. We are truly blessed.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men. - Luke 2:14
Yes we are reading Harry Potter, and no that isn't today. It was extremely hot outside (and inside) today. That's just one of many highlights about to give you.

  • We slept in the RVs last night.
  • Santa came.
  • We started opening presents late.
  • I was rushed to the ER for dehydration.
  • I was released with fluids.
  • We played find the pickle.
  • We played hot potato present, where you have to wear oven mitts to open the present.
  • My sister came home from the hospital with her babies!
  • Gifts were loved and are still being cherished.
  • My best friend and I weaved a few more inches on this year's basket.
  • My cousin announced she's pregnant!
  • And we set our wedding date! December 16, 2017!
It's been an interesting day for sure. It's a Christmas for the books. I'm still not going to say it's the best Christmas, but it's not the worst Christmas. I look forward to next year! Merry Christmas, and happy holidays!

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