Running Recap 2016 & Running Plans 2017

How does the saying go? Find Three Hobbies You Love: One to Make You Money, One to Keep You in Shape, and One to be Creative. I have the middle one and I'm very blessed by it. I run and I love it so much.

You can just run in your neighborhood, or at your gym. I do that, but it's because I'm training for my next runDisney race!

This will be a short post. I'm not trying to brag or anything of that nature. I just simply want to post my running stats for the year. Use it how you wish.

Disney 5K: 11 - 34.1 miles

Disney 10K: 8 - 49.6 miles

Disney Half Marathon: 9 - 117.9 miles

Disney Full Marathons: 1 - 26.2 miles

Disney Virtual Races: 3 (5K) - 9.3 miles

Virtual Races: 2 (5K)

Other races: 1 (Full Marathon)

Race Miles: 266.6 miles!

PR: 9.3

How many pairs of shoes did I go through? 6 pairs of New Balance shoes!

So the question has been asked...

Will I race again in 2017?

Yes, I will. I wasn't going to do all them like I did this year, but I've decided this is what I love to do. Also I have been sponsored by a few people to help me on this journey. Which is a huge blessings, because races are not cheap in the slightest. But they are so very rewarding!

I will still do the St. Jude's Marathon. While I complain the most during it is because it's usually very cold in Memphis in December.

So yeah, running is happening in 2017! I am so excited!

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