November Favorites and Lookback

Goodbye November, Hellllloooo December! Welcome back after a year! I have missed you so! I am one of those people who wish we could keep the Christmas lights up year round for some sparkle and shine in our lives! But we can't, so I'll just keep adding glitter and shining bright myself!

What races did I do this month? How is Vin? Did we go to North Carolina even though the mountains were mostly on fire? Answers to all these and more in this month's favorites!
The month started out great. We actually did start the very first day of the month in North Carolina. We drove home though because the run crew (Frankie, Dylan, Rain, and myself) had a race in Disney World right at the beginning of the month! We drove to WDW like usual and enjoyed some amazing pumpkin spice drinks along the way! We really loved getting to experience the EPCOT's Food & Wine Festival on this trip! Which is kind of what the race weekend was all about except.... Friday's race which was Christmas!!!! This girl was ecstatic! I love the race medal. I swear it might be my most favorite ever! I did love the weekend so! I love that Disney starts Christmas so early!

 The next week didn't start out so well for me. I started out the week having very bad female trouble when we returned home. I was happy that my sister, who has just returned back in the states was able to get her job back at the company that she had worked for previously! I started that night working on Christmas planning. Yep second week in November and I was working on Christmas!

One of the things I want to mention is mine and Frankie's relationship. I never thought I would willingly iron a man's clothes. But I'm suppose to be submissive to him and make his life easier. Just like he makes my life easier as well. He had business meetings and I was so excited when I was able to do something so mundane like iron his shirt. I also made pumpkin bread and cleaned all of our luggage. And then it was time to vote! Wow! It was really crazy! I spent the night humming Christmas carols watching the election on mute and bringing out the gift wrap! Of course we left the next day for the last runDisney race weekend of the year! It was a lot of fun, definitely not my favorite but still fun.

The next week was the week that turned out nothing like I had thought it would. We were suppose to go to North Carolina for Vin's surgery. But they cancelled it for many reasons. So we spent the week in Alabama. I mostly worked on business tinsel tree's ornaments. So I really just started working on the Holiday Budget and such. I hurt my knee during this week and was so scared that it wouldn't heal quickly. It did thank goodness. We enjoyed going to a Cider Mill, well we sort of enjoyed it. It was so hot and humid that some of the kids even threw up. I did start on cleaning out the old toys and getting ready for Thanksgiving. Hunting started and it was wonderful! 

Onto Thanksgiving week! Vin had a nerve block right off the bat on Monday. And I spent the day at work and afterwards went grocery shopping and raking leaves. The next couple of days were spent preparing for Thanksgiving until Wednesday night, yes the night before Thanksgiving. Frankie and I had decided in the summer that we were going The 1975 and we loved it. Granted we might be getting too old for concerts but that's okay! Thanksgiving was a blessing. Started the day off with a huge breakfast while watching the different channel views of the parade! We had the amazing chicken and dressing from Southland Restaurant. My family came over and we did our usually betting board for the Iron Bowl game, $2 a square.

Black Friday, was the normal for us. Our Elves on a shelf have returned! We enjoyed shopping at Lifeway and getting breakfast at McDonald's for everyone! I decided to go ahead and get my spot ready to watch The Gilmore Girls for when I got back from going to see Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I did not finish watching the new Gilmore Girls until Sunday because I became fixated on Newt Scamader. I did do some Small Business Saturday Shopping in Northport which was lovely before the Iron Bowl game. Sunday was spent putting up the Christmas village and preparing for Frankie's biological dad to arrive. Our family also started Advent that Sunday.

Cyber Monday and that week was pretty blah! We had storms every night in Alabama, which some people were thankful for just because of the rain. I'm sorry, but people didn't need to lose their house to a tornado just so people could have some rain. But I did do even more Christmas shopping!

That's pretty much my November. How was yours?

Eye Makeup Product -

The Burgunday Palette - There was a lot of negativity going around about the Kylie makeup line. But when I saw this, I had to have it! I was even more excited when I realized that Zoella also put it in her November favorites! This was something I reached for again and again throughout the month! I was happy that I had it. It has amazing colors and they all go together.

Makeup Brush -

N/A. I decided to just be straight up honest, I didn't try out any new brushes. So just the standard ones from the last few posts.

Face Makeup Product -

e.l.f. Perfect Finish HD Powder - Last month I favorited Tarte Smooth Operator  which worked really amazingly. But I bought this as a back up to the Smooth Operator. I take a lot of small trips and this is perfect for when I do not want to lose the things that really work!

Lip Product -

Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick - Damned - I love this color. Oh it's so seductive wearing her makeup. I love this color right now. It's the perfect dark cherry. It just feels so amazing. I want more of these!

Hair Care Product -

N/A I really didn't use anything new in haircare either.

Skincare -

TREE HUT Shea Sugar Scrub Brazilian Nut - On recommendation from Pretty Neat Living, I decided to try this! Oh my goodness! I really like this. The consistency of the scrub base is almost like a gel, so it's easy to get out of the container and use without ending up with tons on the shower floor. The scrubs leave your skin feeling very soft and moisturized, but not at all greasy.

Shower/Bath Product -

Jester - Bubble Bar that was sent to me as part of a Christmas gift from my friend's mum in the UK. She wants me to open gifts before it's time to make sure I like them. I have no idea why, because I always love her presents. But I have been using this and using it. Just love it!

Game -

Exploding Kittens: NSFW Edition - This game had me and Frankie and our running crying with laughter. There are sometimes you just need a card game, and make it adult! This is hilarious, as if the original wasn't bad enough this game takes the cake!

YouTube Channel/YouTuber -

Pretty Neat Planner - Oh!!!!! Jen has a planner channel! Oh I am so happy Pretty Neat Living is into planning as much as I am. I have learned so much from in her lifestyle stuff, that I didn't think about what I could learn from her in planning. But it's amazing! I have learned to use sticker kits and use random stickers for other than their specific purpose which is just mine blowing!

Book/Story -

The Arabian Nights - This was such a different read for me. I really enjoyed it. It was one of those books where you just felt like you were there. That was a huge thing to me. Plus, the stories were familiar thanks to Disney and several other retellings. "A loss that can be repaired by money is not of such very great importance."

Song/Album -

Same Old Lang Syne - Frankie used to sing this to me in our past. And he loves it even more now. He just looks mesmerized while playing it. He always tears up while playing it. I think it makes him think about the time we had apart.

Movie -

White Christmas - Yep this movie is just wonderful. I can never get enough of this movie. I love Bing Crosby! There is just something so magical about the movie. The dancing and singing is just perfect!

Pinterest Pin -

Disney Moment -

My November Disney moment was running Mickey's Holiday 5K. I'm sorry but that really got me into the Christmas spirit! I promise!

Running/Fitness -

Last runDisney race weekend. It was bittersweet, but next year looks even more promising!

Food -

Strangly enough I was hung up on Mexican fast food in November. I really wanted the local spot, Taco Casa. I've recently been hooked on it. I love the chicken enchilada mild sub flour tortilla. It's so delicious! I usually get two, with a bag of chips so that I can enjoy the extra sauce and cheese on them!

Spotlight Etsy Shop -

BloggerTemplate - I was literally cringing at the sight of my blog. It made me think of the Frozen art that my five year old does. Everyone else had these sleek designed blogs. But, I was also cringing at the prices on Etsy for the cost of a custom blog template. This shop changed the game. My friend from, A Pop of Jess, discovered it. She and I made the leap together. She kept talking about how easy it was when she changed hers. I just wasn't sure. But it was an amazing experience. Tutorials come free with it! And if you need help for anything the shop owner answers very quickly! I was able to make this responsive template my own! My header is one of a kind! This has to be the greatest step forward with my blogging!

Lookback -

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