Second Week of Advent 2016 : Peace

Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility; that sounds really nice doesn't? What if I told you that you could possess that? Believing and turning to the Lord will do just that. No, life won't become easier, that's not what peaceful is. Peaceful means finding the tranquility and quietness in the Lord while you have time with Him.

“Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased! ” - Luke 2:14

I started out the week of peace without feeling an ounce of peaceful. I leave for Disney World at the end of this week. I had a huge important Christmas party this morning for the community outreach. I wasn't in a very Christmas like mood and I was well-- Not very Christian like.

It took me sitting down with my family and catching up on Advent and devotions to realize my light was not shining for Christ. My light was shining for me. I wasn't doing things for the right reasons. I wasn't finding the peace that could have been in a lot of situations. I totally forgot to pray over things. Which I found out tonight is what I need to do more and more.

I find myself most peaceful when I just pray about something and let it go. It has truly astounded me how if I pray and don't doubt God leads me to a solution or an answer. It might be no, and that's okay I find in peace in knowing that He heard me.

As for peace throughout the world? I'm not sure. I know we can help each other with peace. You don't have to lay hands on someone (unless they ask.) Just make a silent prayer and keep on with your day. I have done this several times, especially when I hear people arguing. I make a silent prayer and go on with my business instead of finding gossip to spread about what they were fighting about.

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